Bungalow Friday #2


Welcome to Bungalow Friday where I serve up some of my favorite eye candy: Bungalows.

This house caught my hubby’s eye while he was out walking the dog so he sent me over to check out the “white house with the blue door”.  Thus this series of Pretty Houses.


NOT only is the turquoises door a real eye catcher the SWING is to die for.  Who would have thought to paint the porch swing to match the door!!!


There are so many things I like about this house;  the porch stretches all the way across the front, it has tapered bungalow columns with brick bases, there’s a brick walkway, the second floor gable is very fitting (can’t tell if it’s original or an addition) it has round gutters and downspouts, the windows are multi-paned and there’s a killer transom over the front door, last but not least—the ceiling is “Haint Blue”.




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Bungalow Friday #1


Today I’m starting a new series I’m calling “Bungalow Friday: Pretty Old Atlanta Bungalows”.

These bungalows are located in the Highland View neighborhood of Atlanta (now a part of Virginia Highland) .  In their excellent history of Virginia-Highland, “ Images of America Virginia-Highland” Karri Hobson-Pape and Lola Carlisle state that

“…the Atlanta Development Company  in 1911 created the Highland View subdivision. It featured 40 lots, each 50 by 250 feet, costing $1,400 to $1,700 each.This Atlanta Development Company advertisement indicates the subdivision was served by two streetcar lines and had enhanced city improvements.”

It’s doubtful that all these houses were built right away but I’d guess that several were built before 1920 when the City was sprawling and our first suburbs were being created along the trolley lines.  This is a great area to stroll and sneak a few pictures of Pretty Old Bungalows.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of Virginia Highland.



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Pretty Garden Containers #14


It’s Memorial Day and time to end the summer containers series.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of the Garden Tour and have found a small bit of inspiration for your own Pretty Garden Containers.

9_11 (2)


9_11 (3)






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Pretty Garden Containers #13



9_8 (2)






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Pretty Garden Containers #12






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Pretty Garden Containers #11






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Pretty Garden Containers #10

What a nice bench!  Notice the small plants that have been placed around the base of the pedestal and around the bench.  It’s all in the details.





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Pretty Garden Container #9

Get a load of that orchid!





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Pretty Master Bath Addition—We’re almost There


Welcome to my new MASTER BATH ADDITION. If you have a really good memory, you might recollect that about 9 months ago we started  a bathroom addition.  We painstakingly planned the layout, got estimates from contractors and started dealing with the City of Atlanta and the Virginia Highland Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU).  Plans were drawn up (we did it ourselves to save money) and submitted to the City ( I’ve made 26 trips to City Hall for this project—no lie, I keep up with everything on Quicken).  There was a variance involved because our house is built too close to the property line.  I was on TV when I went before the Zoning Board.  In all this has been the most complicated project I’ve ever done—including taking the roof off the houses on Reeder and Sisson.

But, I think it might be okay in the end.  It’s not completely totally finished, but we’re close and I can’t wait to give you a peek.

Here’s our inspiration:

This picture was probably scanned in by a fan and then made it to Pinterest then to images… hopefully I won’t go to jail for posting it.

And here’s our bathroom.


The pendant lights are from Barnlight Electric.  The mosaic tile is from Topcu a local company.  Glass shower doors are from Atlanta Glass and the horizontal paneling was salvaged from the attic of the house on Reeder Circle. The dog bone belongs to Gus and it’s from Kroger.  Oh yes, the paint is Restoration Hardware Silver Sage—it looks blue in some light and green in others—luv it!

The pool is coming along, too, but that’s another post.


This time we opted for a little different setup in the shower opting for a rain head instead of body jets.  We repeated the handheld shower and exact same trim as in the shower at Reeder.  This ceiling is 10 feet so the rain head hangs down a looong way.  I went with a big 1980’s style full mirror because I need to see what I look like—not always a pretty sight, but I need to get the full picture and those little framed thingies just don’t do it for me.  Come to think of it this is the kind of mirror I grew up with from 1965.  There’s probably some symbolism in there somewhere.

The vanity is from the cabinet company we use in our flips but painted Silver Sage in the gloss finish.  Sconces are from Restoration Hardware’s outlet in Dawsonville.  Can you believe I found all three there at the same time?


Since this bathroom is for us and we’re not trying to appeal to a resale market, we can be funky.  Steve ordered this water closet door online.  It’s from a bath house in New England—maybe from the 1920s?  It drove the carpenters crazy, partly because it was hard to hang and partly because it’s open.


The window is high up and looks vintage but is new.  The sconce is from Restoration Hardware.


We think this is so cool…


Engaged or Open when you throw the bold from inside.


Now for the important stuff—the closets.  Here’s what we’ve been doing for 5 months…notice Steve’s shirts on the Walmart portable hanging rack.  It’s about to fall over and is propped against the wall behind the closet door.  His shoes are mostly under the bed except for the pair he leaves out as a trip hazard.


I’m the poster child for a closet makeover.


I can not wait to move in here!


Renovating and remodeling a Pretty Old House isn’t glamorous or always the most fun, but  I’m not giving it up anytime soon.



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Pretty Garden Container #8

So much is going on in these pots—I loved them!


This close-up shows more of the action.  I talked to someone from the company that did the pots in this garden, I think he said the large leaved plant (don’t remember the name—sorry) is usually used as a house plant but makes a good annual in Atlanta.

Moral of the story: you can use houseplants in outdoor pots, but realize they won’t last through the winter.

8_14 (2)




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