Bungalow Friday #8

Happy Halloween!


Un-renovated, unpainted, has window ac and needs a new roof. We wrote a letter to the owner asking if we could buy this beauty but got no response. I’ll bet that wasn’t the first offer he’d received.


This house is perfect.




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Bungalow Friday #7


Don’t you just love how these owners painted their bungalow to show off the details?  Yes, there’s a lot of contrast that might not be everybody’s cup ‘o tea, but I like it.




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The Biltmore Greenhouse


Recently I visited a college friend in Asheville, NC.  Among the things we did was hike around the Biltmore Gardens and wander through the greenhouse.  We also had a picnic and visited the Wine Tasting Room which was a great way to end the day.  Please don’t think we hiked the WHOLE Biltmore Gardens because we didn’t—it’s a thousand acres.

The garden was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.  According to his website (no, someone else writes it, he’s been dead a while) this was his last great project.  Here’s the link to the site—very interesting stuff.

The picture below was taken on our hike—it’s very “Olmsted”.

Biltmore Gardens 2014

BUT this post is supposed to be about the GREENHOUSE.

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (3)

This is the outside of the greenhouse-  I started hyperventilating at this point.

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (4)

…then I went inside…

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (6)

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (15)

…everywhere I looked was something more beautiful that the last…

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (11)


…these are doors with mirrors for panes and pots attached… (sorry for the blurry picture, low light on the cell phone blah, blah, blah)

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (12)

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (13)

…there were more orchids than I could count and massive stag horn ferns…

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (7)

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (8)

At some point in my daze I wandered out of the orchid rooms and into the green areas (I honestly don’t know what to call this room—it’s all tropical).

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (9)

The architecture of the building was easier to see here and grander I think.

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (10)


Biltmore Gardens 2014 (16)


Biltmore Gardens 2014 (17)

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (18)

Biltmore Gardens 2014 (19)

My camera started to lose it’s juice or I would have taken a thousand more pictures—darn.  I need to go back. It was incredible—even non gardeners would love it, I think.



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Bungalow Friday #6


Here’s another fine old craftsman bungalow up on the hill.  It’s unique.

Many bungalows feature Asian influenced details—notice how the eaves of the roof gable “fan” out. Can you see the exotic pagoda?  Are the columns also Asian influenced or are they something else altogether?

Just as in modern homes, Craftsman Bungalows were often a mash-up of styles and details. I can just imagine a couple sitting down with their builder—“I’d really like to have one of those pretty Asian roofs”, “Whatever you want dear, but the columns better be beefy and brick—substantial and solid—something that will last a really long time—I don’t want to be replacing them anytime soon.”




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Bungalow Friday #5



This is a Fine Old Dame.  She sits a few steps above the street clothed in her craftsman finery.

There are so many wonderful details about this house I hardly know where to begin.  The windows are worthy of a dedicated post—I just don’t see windows this fine very often. The porch is huge and deep and the ceiling is painted blue!  The iron rails that run horizontally might be original—I’ve seen ones like these in old unrenovated houses.  The porch column bases are granite (Stone Mountain maybe) and thankfully haven’t been painted in the past 100 years.


The yard could use a little love, but I’m not criticizing—my own yard could use a “ho lotta love”.


I covet this patch of ferns.




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A Pretty Old Brick Ranch


Every time we buy a fixer upper I think I’ve lost my mind.  This time I’m pretty sure.

If you follow me on Pinterest you might have figured something was up.  My newest board is Pretty Old Ranch Houses.  I’m just full of ideas.


Really.  Here’s the living room of our latest “investment”. Yowsers.  These lovely windows look into the laundry room.

kitchen - Copy

How’s this for a kitchen.  Actually, the fact that it’s gutted was a selling point.


Having it trashed out already is saving us money.  Here’s the aforementioned laundry room.



It’s just a common 1950s brick ranch—raise your hand if you grew up in one of these. I did.

hall - Copy

The tax records say it was built in 1951.  Yep, that tile looks about right.

bath - Copy

There are 3 bedrooms, this is the smallest one of two on the front. It’s 10”X12’.

front bedroom - Copy

All the closets look the same—smallish.

closet - Copy

Here’s bedroom #2 also on the front.  It’s a palatial 12’X12’.

front corner bedroom  - Copy

And bedroom #3.  Did I mention the house comes with a piano?  It’s a Yamaha. Let me know if you want it.

back bedroom - Copy

Wish me luck and promise to come see me in the 400 Ward.



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pinterest button test




7_17_thumb.jpgHi Everybody!

I’m testing a new blog feature.  Hover your mouse over the picture above and see a “Pin It” button.  Click “Pin It” and voila! you can pin. Easy Peasy.

Please let me know if it works—email me—I’ve turned off comments due to excessive spam.  There are dozens of “Pin It” buttons out there and I want to be sure I’ve picked a good one.

Would it be better to have the button just show up?  Or is that distracting?

Thanks to all of you who read Pretty Old Houses Blog, I really appreciate your support.






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Bungalow Friday #4


Isn’t this just the essence of the cottage with a white picket fence?  This is a very nice fence.


Let’s play “Find the Craftsman Features”.

Did you say windows with multi panes above and singles below? Tapered columns? Brackets on the eaves?  There are more, I’m sure, but the photographer (me) didn’t take very good pictures.  It’s hard sometimes to be sneaky.




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Bungalow Friday #3


This Pretty Old Bungalow sits up on a hill with a nice alley in back for easy owner access—there’s no driveway.  I had to take this picture by holding the camera as high as over my head as possible and pointing it in the general direction of the house—thank goodness for the crop and straighten features on Picasa.

Anyway—I love the gables with the scalloped siding and the Craftsman diamond paned windows.  This is a classic bungalow all the way. It’s great to see it’s classic Craftsman Style windows with multiple vertical panes above and single panes below.




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Bungalow Friday #2


Welcome to Bungalow Friday where I serve up some of my favorite eye candy: Bungalows.

This house caught my hubby’s eye while he was out walking the dog so he sent me over to check out the “white house with the blue door”.  Thus this series of Pretty Houses.


NOT only is the turquoises door a real eye catcher the SWING is to die for.  Who would have thought to paint the porch swing to match the door!!!


There are so many things I like about this house;  the porch stretches all the way across the front, it has tapered bungalow columns with brick bases, there’s a brick walkway, the second floor gable is very fitting (can’t tell if it’s original or an addition) it has round gutters and downspouts, the windows are multi-paned and there’s a killer transom over the front door, last but not least—the ceiling is “Haint Blue”.




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