Before and After Bungalow

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Everybody likes a good Before and After—think Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast—Now those were “Before and Afters” to remember.

Here’s a true life Beauty and the Beast.

The Beast:

351 Sisson front

We bought this “Beast” in March of 2012.  It was a gem in the rough to be sure, but we saw “good bones” and  lots of potential.

sisson mailbox before


Four months later our “Beast” has become a “Beauty” in our eyes.


The Beast:



front porch

The Beast:

Part of having “good bones” is a sound structure and details like this original fireplace.




The Beast:

Believe me, window air conditioners and knotty paneling are “beastly”.  This knotty pine was also infested with termites.



Out with the old and in with the new.  Out with knotty pine and termites and in with sheetrock, new molding and new carpet. In case you missed this early update on the interior click here.

front bed

The Beast:



hall bath

The Beast:



We divided the old master bath: the shower became the new landing to the basement and the rest, which you see in this picture, became the new shower. The new master bath, below, was an odd tiny bedroom on the back of the house that you entered through what’s now the master bedroom—are you confused yet? Coming up with a layout for the new master bath was challenging.

master vanity

Please stop by later for the next installment which will feature the kitchen—Now THAT was a dirty, stinky, harry Beast.




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3 Responses to Before and After Bungalow

  1. Love it! You’ve managed to return the cottage to it’s true self. Beautiful. Waiting to see the finished kitchen. Thanks.

  2. Irene in NJ says:

    Breathtaking! But how do you keep the sod from drying out & dying? Please tell me you’re not driving over to water it every day.

  3. What a miraculous transformation! Hats off to a quick sale!

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