Curb Appeal Ideas–Before and After

Yesterday I blogged a house we redid in Garden Hills–it’s fun to go back and remember how satisfying it is to turn an ugly duckling into a better looking duckling (I’m not so vain as to think it became a swan).

Today, I finally opened a bit of junk email from Better Homes and Gardens and found these great “before and afters.”

First, the Plain Jane Cape Cod–is a very common style that could have been built from around the 1940s up till last week.

home exterior

A small front porch gable was added to cover the front door and a pergola was placed over the porch.
A new improved front door with sidelights was installed, the front window was enlarged and new garage doors were stained to match the house.
I think this face lift would be affordable and not too overwhelming.


home exterior

The next example:
Oh the yellow 1920’s cottage–or it could be 1930’s or 1940’s here in Morningside.
This one lacks something that really bothers me–there are no overhangs. It’s flat. The gutters sit flat against the house. Flat, flat, flat. Maybe it’s a Southern Thing but I think houses should have at least a little eave around them. Really, I like houses with nice deep eaves, but that’s not appropriate on all styles.

home exterior

Ahhh…Much better. Don’t you think the extended eaves really make the difference? Of course the wonderful sage green paint and new landscaping are huge, but the addition of eaves does it for me. (I love this one!)

home exterior

And last:
The oh too common North Fulton European Stucco (make that EIFS or synthetic stucco). This style is the bane of Realtors in the suburbs. These houses if not maintained can rot from the inside. On this particular house the stucco had broken down and started to leak which lead to a mold infestation–the cure–rip off the synthetic stucco.

home exterior

New wood shingle siding, new windows, a portico over the front door, updated garage doors and additional trim brought this baby into the new millennium.
Now that’s inspiring and gives my friends who think they’re “stuck in their stucco” some hope.

home exterior

I hope this abbreviated tour has given you a few good ideas–it just fed my appetite for fixing and flipping.
Thanks for stopping by.


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8 Responses to Curb Appeal Ideas–Before and After

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  3. Tracy@GeneralSplendour says:

    OMG I am in love with the first house. Can you imagine decorating that for the holidays? Sweet! But I have to admit I liked the little yellow cottage – I would have kept it a little more true to itself. The AFTER is gorgeous but I would have kept it a cottage. Great post!

  4. Nita {ModVintageLife} says:

    Oh…that last one is amazing…what a difference the new windows make. I remember when I lived in Atlanta…those house were EVERYWHERE! My fiance cleaned the pool of a multi million dollar home of one of the Falcon players. It was like four years old and the stucco was a rotting mess already.

    My garage is real stucco and its 80 years old and doing fine.

  5. Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging says:

    Who can ever get tired of before and afters, especially ones like these. They are amazing!

    My favorite is the first one. The focal point went from being a big ole white garage door to the home's inviting entrance.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. labbie1 says:

    I like before and afters.

    The little yellow cottage is so cute! I like the fact that it appears they sandblasted the paint off of the brick chimney. Yay! However, I dislike the fact that they took out the little arched window and replaced it with a straight window. I loved the character of the arched window! Darn! Enclosing the side porch was a good idea too!

    Yep. We had to deal with the stucco thing when we lived in New Mexico. I did like the clean look of it though. This house certainly looks wonderful after it's overhaul.

    Thanks for sharing these homes! :)

  7. Lakeshore Cottage Living says:

    The first home really blew me away…simple changes that really made a difference. All of the homes were really beautiful…but I love that red door on the first one!

  8. Tara Dillard says:

    A fun stroll, love each make-over.

    Yes, Atlanta is full of the rotting fake stucco. Too often splashed with orange mud at the bottom.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

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