DIY Large Abstract Art

I don’t think I’ve ever used someone else’s blog as a spring board for Pretty Old Houses, so here’s a first.

I loved this post about Abstract Art from Kate at  Centsational Girl. (she talks about making a piece of large scale art herself and the stuff that’s available for sale that’s her inspiration–click the link–this post is very good)

I’ve really been wanting some abstract art myself since we moved into our Pretty Old House and painted all the walls Benjamin Moore “Creamy.” 

Here’s what my hubby made for me for Christmas out of plywood and other left over materials from the renovation.  I think he spent $ZERO in materials, he said he was too poor to buy me a present.  But he was hard at work in the basement on his “top secret project” for a couple of weeks.

He layered DRYWALL MUD to give the piece texture and then ROLLED ON –with a sponge roller from my touch up kit—Benjamin Moore latex flat wall paint in the colors we’d used in the house—plus a little black/gray latex paint.

The colors are Benjamin Moore–Herbivore(green), Rainwashed (blue) and Creamy (white).


When he brought it up from the basement I just about died.  IT’S WONDERFUL.

I love the contrast between the modern abstract and the old traditional in our dining room.

Sometimes I just stand in front of it and look.


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4 Responses to DIY Large Abstract Art

  1. Regina says:

    painted in acrylic. this is shtnmoieg I have just started doing recently, I usually paint and offer original acrylic paintings on canvas. Designed so the upper chimney is removable from the base, The size is 48 inches in width and from

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  3. maryintheham says:

    i love it. goes great in the room. steve is so talented!

  4. Terry says:

    Nice. I like that it's big. Looks great in the dining room.

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