Four Things I Realized at Haven 2012

Last week I attended a blogging conference here in Atlanta: Haven 2012

Haven Conference 2012

It was a blast!  I learned so many things my head is spinning. After a short weekend of “assimilation” I’ve come up with the Four Things I Realized at Haven. This isn’t a nuts and bolts kind of list like how to increase SEO or style a bookcase, though I did learn about those things, but its more a list of realizations.

Four things I Realized at Haven:

1.  There are  many things I can/should do to improve my blog to make it easier for me to post, viewers to navigate, everybody to find on Google searches. But I don’t have to do them all this week. (see #2)

2.  A lot of people do this blogging thing full time and make decent money at it—some people even make lots of money, but –this is a realization I came to during a super heavy session–I don’t think I want to pursue the big money—I think I want to be a Realtor and sell houses, and flip a house or two a year. Then putter around in my yard—that’ll keep me plenty busy.  One thing I learned from real estate is that I have to focus.  I tend to get scattered trying to do too many things and I end up not do a good job at anything.  If you can relate, please leave me a comment.

3. The really good bloggers are smart and work really hard and we can all learn a lot from them from how to do things like paint furniture and decorate our houses to how to keep our lives in perspective and cope with “issues” that we all have but sometimes think we’re the only ones.

4. Bloggers are lots of fun.  They’re creative and imaginative and outgoing and I like them.

In case  you’re interested, here’s the banner from the Haven Facebook page. You can click on it to visit FB or click Haven Conference 2012 for the website.  There was so much positive feedback from attendees surely there’ll be a Haven 2013—I’ll keep you posted.

I failed to mention: Some Big Guns of the shelter blog world were there:  Young House Love, Centsational Girl, Southern Hospitality, The Lettered Cottage, Ana White, Miss Mustard Seed, Mr. Goodwill Hunting, Hooked on Houses and many others.






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3 Responses to Four Things I Realized at Haven 2012

  1. Lisa Willson says:

    Patti, I think you articulated exactly what SO many of us left Haven thinking! I want my blog to be FUN, and if it makes me some money along the way, so much the better, but I have decided that spending hours writing each post with optimal SEO in mind would drain the joy right out of it for me! 

    It was so fantastic getting to meet and talk with you! I hope to see you there again next year, and I will be following you here until then! :-)


  2. Shirley Stankus says:

    I am with ya…I think if I tried so hard to “make the money” it would not become fun to me anymore….I do this because I love it…so nice to get to know you..!!!

    Have a great day….Shirley/Housepitality Designs

  3. Love the post, you’re so right!  And I 100% agree with #1, we don’t have to make all the updates and changes this week!  It was great meeting you!

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