White House With Green Shutters

[What color should I paint my shutters and front door?]

I’m so flattered whenever I get emails from people who read my blog. You’re really out there and you keep up with what’s going on around here—wow. Anyway, I recently received this email.

Dear Patti,

I hope this isn’t too presumptuous, but I follow your blog and I think you have great taste choosing exterior paint colors. The Kirkwood flip has my jaw dropping. Here is my 1926 home, a block from the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ.  This new roof is an asphalt architectural shingle, color=”slate”. Now I have to figure out shutter color and front door color.  Black shutters/red door is a little…stark…for this beach house.  The roof is in the cool/gray-blue family. I’m stumped. Should I maybe sand the door all the way down and go with natural wood? I love hunter green but it doesn’t work anymore with the roof….

If you have a thought, I’d love your opinion. Irene in NJ

Here are the pictures Irene sent of her 1926 house. It’s really and truly a Pretty Old House.


Look at that architecture, those sidelights, that pediment over the front door with it’s rounded roof. Does anybody know what that’s called?


And the rounded dormers! Love it!

Irene says,

I chose gray for dormer roofs. Contractor offered all kinds of accent colors like “russet” and “evergreen” but I do not want this house to look like a bag of jellybeans, so I picked gray.


Honey, you aren’t at all too presumptuous! Upon reading the above email I immediately submitted it to the “Pretty Old Houses Design Division” aka, my Hubby and daughter. Those two are always ready to express their opinions especially when it comes to house colors. So here’s what they came up with: don’t sand the door down —paint it.

Option #1 Wythe Blue from Benjamin Moore

The shutters and door on this beachy house in Utah (go figure—you don’t HAVE to live on the beach to have a beachy house) are painted Wythe Blue.

House of Turquoise says Wythe Blue is Benjamin Moore’s 2012 Color of the Year. I love this door color against the white. Hey, I love this door.

Option #2 Light Sage Green

Maybe Sherwin Williams “Willow Tree” or “Koi Pond” or “Green Sprout”.

I’m not at all sure what the paint color is on these shutters from this Pretty Old House in New Orleans. Remember this house from my Garden District post? But I love it and agree with The Design Division that it’d be a good choice.


The color is fresh and light—something I’d like to see near the ocean. But absolutely not that sickly pale baby green we used to see on cinder block houses on the Florida Panhandle. Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about. This is the new light green.


Hello Readers, Please weigh in on what color Irene should paint her front door and shutters in New Jersey. It’d be fun getting opinions from different parts of the country. To leave a comment click in the box below where it says “comments” or click on the post title (if you’re getting this through Facebook or email) and you’ll be taken to the website where the comment box is.

If anybody has another idea, we’d love to hear it.

Another thing: Irene has stared a blog over on Tumblr, Renovation Diary, 1926 Home by the Sea. It’s quite good and has more pictures of her house.




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4 Responses to White House With Green Shutters

  1. Shutters are good enough to make a house beautiful these, as you have done this; it is really looking so good with your house. Shutters are as good for security too.

  2. Darrell says:

    That really is a great looking roof, just like the other comment, it really looks beachy

  3. pattihinkle says:

    I’ve received several email comments:

    From Julie–“Love the wythe blue. It looks like the northeast homes on the water.”

    Shirley says–“OK…..do you want my two cents on the shutters/door color….Love the Wyeth Blue….and love a yellow door that goes with the blue….:)”

    Kathy says–“I like the blue choice or a blue gray…………”

    So far it seems people like the blue.

  4. Holly says:

    I love Wythe Blue – so beachy!

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