How Tall Should a Headboard Be?

I want a new bed.
There I said it.
We have two queen beds, but for our new master suite, I want a king sized bed.

The scale of the room calls for a king.

So, how tall should the headboard be?
As with all my ponderings, I went online to seek out examples.

This one is pretty nicely scaled, but I don’t think I’ll be going for the tufted look.


Here’s one from Kate at Censational Girl. This is from her master bedroom makeover.

I’m seeing a lot of examples of headboards that are just a tiny bit higher than the lampshades.
So how high are the lampshades?

cg bed wall

This bedroom is sooo pretty, but I’m leaning toward a square shaped headboard.

The following are from Phoebe Howard at Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper.
I pinched off a couple of dimensions and prices.
There are lots of completely upholstered beds here.

$3800 - queen

$1,920 - Queen - 64”w x 91”d x 62”h

Dakota_bed - queen - $3,575 - 66W x 87D x 60H

Queen - $2,900 - 71w x 84d x 46h
Queen – $2,900 – 71″w x 84″d x 46″h

$4400 - 65.75''W x 83.25''D x 87.5''H

$4,400 – 65.75”w x 83.25”d x 87.5”h

The wires under this bed make me feel a little better about myself.
What do rich people do with their cords?
It looks like they stuff them under the bed like the rest of us.
Is this the same bed as above in the 4th picture? Maybe without the trim?
It’s a little too French for me,but I like the scale.

1 151 - Web Large

Okay, I’ve cleared up a couple of things:  I like the bed to be upholstered, not just the head board, and I like the head board to be tall.

But how tall should it be?


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2 Responses to How Tall Should a Headboard Be?

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  2. Terry says:

    This is where we require professional assistance. It's a total package with the room and whatever is above and on either side of the headboard. Looks like you've chosen 3 round mirrors.

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