Kirkwood Flip is On the Market

Yippee!  We’re done and the house is on the market.

It was a hard push to the finish and a little later than we planned, but the house is done and officially listed for sale.   The cleaning crew –that would be Holly and me—worked all day Friday to polish up the details and then the Realtors—that would be Holly and me—did the paperwork and got it online bright and early Saturday morning.  And guess what!  I started getting calls by mid-day with three showings on Sunday.

Kirkwood is hot.  It’s really close in—just a few minutes from downtown and midtown and very accessible to Emory and the CDC. And it’s still affordable with roomy 3 bedroom homes selling for below $300,000.  The Pretty Old House charm of the neighborhood is a real draw, too.  It’s walkable with restaurants nearby and people ride bikes all over.


So, what we’ve worked for since late March—The Finished Product.

Two weeks ago we decided to tile the front porch and steps. My knees are still scratched up from that project. The handrails and the concrete slabs are painted Urbane Bronze (SW 7048) which is a prefect match for the slate.  The trim is Stone Lion (SW7507) and the gutters are Teratone.

front porch

You enter into the dining room—this used to be the living room, but I thought it’d be better as a dining room and foyer. The wall color is “Gateway Gray” (SW 7644), the trim is “Snowbound” (SW 7004).


“Urbane Bronze” is the firebox and hearth color, you can’t see the hearth in this picture, but it’s a flat tile that’s even with the floor.  The tiles were red with dirty grout—it looks better painted.  I love the craftsman style windows flanking the fireplace.


Here’s why I wanted the front room to be the dining room.  We turned the old dining room into the living room. It’s bigger and….


…opens right into the kitchen.  The furniture arrangement is supposed to show that the TV goes on the big empty wall. Our staging budget doesn’t include a TV so we’re counting on people to have a teeny bit of imagination.

Colors in this room:  “Softened Green” (SW 6177) and “Snowbound” trim.

living kitchen

The kitchen is the best we’ve ever done in a flip house.  I could be perfectly deliriously happy in this kitchen.  Maybe that’s why we went for snazzy appliances.


Behind door’s #1 and #2 is the laundry, or if somebody is creative they’d stack their washer and dryer and make half the pantry.


Over the sink we reinstalled three of the old porch windows—so many renovators rip out all the charm when they do a house—I think it’s important to leave as much as possible and still have a modern functional space.  The new trellis is just visible at the bottom of the middle window.  Confederate Jasmine is planted at the base of each post and will climb up and cover the poles in no time.  I wanted something pretty to see when the new owners are standing at the sink.

kitchen sink

Windows by the range overlook the backyard—so many awesome possibilities for that backyard.  The backsplash is white subway tile with light gray grout that perfectly matches the granite—that was a happy surprise.


Here we have the “not creepy” basement.  It was the “very very creepy” basement but after it’s thorough cleaning and two layers of paint it’s a great place for storage.  The painters are already on board—they brought the leftover paint down earlier in the week.  There’s a layer of thick plastic over the dirt crawl space above the cement walls.  It acts as a vapor barrier and keeps the dust down.  Stuff can be stored on top of the plastic, too.


This is the front bedroom—note the beaded board ceiling.  It was an open front porch, but was enclosed long long ago and used as a den by the former owners.  Wouldn’t this make a great office?

front bed

In the hall bath we kept the original deep soaking tub but replaced the rest.  Renovation tip:  Barkeepers Helper will take out rust stains.  You have to scrub really hard and for a long time, but it comes out.

hall bath

The master bath with a Pottery Barn knock-off vanity and mirrors.  Check out Amazon for the vanity.  It comes with marble top, faucets and even a storage basket for the bottom shelf.

master vanity

The shower has marble basket weave tile and subway tile.  The shelves fill an odd space we had left.  I think they came out great.


The master walk-in closet…might not seem like a big deal to you suburb dwellers, but for an old house built in 1935, it’s incredible.

master closet

And finally the backyard. We’ve already played out there and it’s wonderful.  It just needs a few bushes and some flower and vegetable beds and it’d be “Home Sweet Home.”


We’re all spiffed up and waiting for the right buyers to come along.




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10 Responses to Kirkwood Flip is On the Market

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  2. Lucy Jenkins says:

    I was wondering what paint color you used for the exterior brick. I am searching for a putty color to paint our red exterior brick. You did a fantastic job with the house!

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  4. Jen M says:

    Patti, can you tell me the brand and style you used for the doors in the laundry/pantry? My house had these style doors, but they were removed by the previous owners. I’ve been searching for them for a long time. Thank you!

  5. jennifer Feldman says:

    Everything looks wonderful!

  6. It looks amazing, Patti!!

    I am sure it will sell in NO time! Love all of your selections!!


  7. Jennifer Bandel (Moore) says:

    Patti- It looks amazing. You all did such a great job! That takes a lot of work and energy and it turned out beautiful! I started following you on pinterest! Love seeing all your blogs too.

  8. Patti…you did such a fantastic job on the house…just love the master bath and that kitchen is great! You should sell that quickly!…Beautiful!

  9. Terry says:

    I’ve been there, it’s mighty darn good. Patti understates how great the kitchen is: almost no upper cabinets! The windows are extraordinary, and in 3 directions. It’s as if you are outside, like you can see for miles. (You can’t really see for miles but it feels like it.)

    One thing about the neighborhood for bicycle enthusiasts: This is one of the flattest areas ITP (inside the perimeter). Most of Atlanta requires hill climbs if you walk or bike more than a few blocks.

  10. Julie Kannon says:

    Your are so amazing. The finished product is beautiful.

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