Kirkwood Flip Update #4 Painted Brick

I’m back after a week at the beach—and things are heating up around here.

We decided to paint the brick exterior of the Kirkwood house because:

  • the grout in the brick was mismatched during the enclosure of the old porch (this was a very long time ago)
  • the brick looked dirty and we knew we’d never get it clean
  • there are lots of areas where someone painted the trim and couldn’t color in the lines so got white paint all over the red brick

This is the house being primed.


After much discussion and lots of online research and driving around looking at other houses and their paint schemes we settled on—drum roll please

  • Sherwin Williams “Neutral Ground” SW7568 for the brick exterior,
  • “Stone Lion” SW7507 for the trim
  • “Urban Bronze” for the porch floor, steps and the concrete slabs by the steps.


Did you notice the new roof?  We went with architectural shingles in a slate gray.  It’s not black, but a dark gray.


I think it looks “swell.”

Stay tuned for the After pictures of the painted house.




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