Landscape before and After

[Kirkwood Flip Update #6]

What a difference a little landscaping makes!

landscape before and after-001

Okay, maybe this was more than a little, but not as much as our inspiration landscape that included a ton of small boxwood hedges.

This time we went out on a limb and got a bonified plan called appropriately the…

“Landscape Plan”

Details of THE LANDSCAPE PLAN include:

  • 2 Redbud Trees (2 inch caliper) flanking the 12 inch concrete paver landing at the street
  • 4 Compacta hollies (3 gallon) one is pictured below, one each side of the sidewalk
  • 9 Anise (3 gallon) as foundation plantings
  • 3 Knockout Roses (3 gallon) in front of the anise
  • 3 Dwarf Hamlin Grass (3 gallon)
  • Perennials (1 gallon): 5 Coreopsis, 5 black-eyed Susans, 3 pink phlox, and 5 veronica
  • 2 flats of vinca

landscape before and after-005

Here’s how the Kirkwood Flip looked when we first saw it back in early March.  Among it’s many features were the two matching metal awnings that kept out the hot sun—it was un-air-conditioned so I guess there was a reason to have them.  Also it sported greatly overgrown front azaleas, camellias and various and sundry unfortunate bushes.  Nary a blade of real grass was to be found—just weeds and hard as rock Georgia Red Clay.

351 Sisson front2

Things improved when we closed at the end of March when the azaleas bloomed. The weeds greened up but didn’t cover the “hell strip” out by the street.  It needed to be addressed in a big way.  Notice the dead tree looming over the back yard.  You can see it above the roof to the right.  Cha-CHING. Unbudgeted surprise.  The mailbox was always one of my “before” favs.

landscape before and after-007

Here we are after a nice thick layer of paint on the brick exterior, and LANDSCAPING!  There’s a new mailbox, too.

landscape before and after-006

Below is a compacta holly with vinca.

landscape before and after

Foundation plants here are compacta holly, anise, existing camellia, phlox, black-eyes susan and the original camellia anchoring the corner.

landscape before and after-008

This side of the house has anise, dwarf hamlin grass, veronica, knockout roses, and coreopsis.

landscape before and after-009

It’s so PRETTY! I’m very excited about the progress we’ve made—but not too excited about the blazing heat wave we’re having in Atlanta.  It was 106 yesterday—an all time high temp.  I’m trying to water enough, but I’m worried.

The landscaper suggested we add another small tree to the left near the house by the driveway. What do you think?



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7 Responses to Landscape before and After

  1. Gretchen says:

    What an amazing transformation! I love, love the paint colors and the landscaping both.

  2. I love that you painted the brick white….it made such a huge difference…Look so very elegant and classic now!….Great progress!

  3. These before and afters are SO encouraging! I’m adding a link to your post on my Facebook Group Page. Most older homes on the market need this kind of facelift. Very nice work.

  4. Patti says:

    Thanks Lisa. Painting the brick can give a house a new lease on life, and pretty landscape always makes it more inviting. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Lisa Willson says:


    It looks fantastic! It’s amazing what paint and nice landscape will do for a home. It has great curb appeal! 

    Well done! :-)


  6. says:

    Thanks, Terry.  I thought the stepping stones in the “hell strip” would expand the yard making it look bigger and also give Realtors and Lookers a nice place to step when they get out of the car to see the house:)  You have a great point about the virtues of Terry-turf but I like insta-lawn aka sod, too.

  7. Terry Kearns says:

    Another case of extreme foundation planting relief! Bravo. Since I’m thinking about foundation over the last 5 days, I really like the your band and the little shadow it throws. I also like the stones this side of the sidewalk. Too bad you couldn’t keep the Terry-turf, it was looking a bit ratty, but it’s easy to grow back.

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