My Dream Garage

Every day I look out at my butt ugly garage and dream about what it could look like.
Of course I’m not too picky–I’d settle for being able to park a car in it.
So…I went on the FMLS (this is my Real Estate Multiple Listing Service) to find some realistic inspiration.
This example is nice and servicable. It seems to have a area to the left of the door for inside storage.

This one has a little more style with it’s shingle siding and carriage doors.

from 2010

This one will be nice when its finished.  I think it has a pergola over the garage door, an entry door on the back corner and either a big storage area in the attic or possibly a finished room.

Now, things are getting better.  I love the roof line on this garage.  The driveway is really different and has a lot of style.
Very nice over all.

 credits Atlanta First Multi List for the above photos

But this one is My Dream Garage from Nick’s Picasa Album.  Its not as fancy as some of the examples above, it’s just a garage.

But it’s a garage in a garden.

And there’s so much I love about this one: the pea gravel driveway, the pergola over the garage doors, the round vent in the gable.
And the GARDEN!!

Be still my heart.


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6 Responses to My Dream Garage

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  3. Randolph Coleson says:

    A garage in the garden? Well, it certainly has its own charm, and I wouldn't mind having this kind of garage. Also, Mary's right, you could put a fountain on it and it'll look great.

  4. karen says:

    Our garage is t.i.n.y. and so is the driveway. In fact, my husband can't park his truck in the driveway because it hangs over into the street. We're hoping to move it back and make it better (more functional) once our renovation is done.

  5. maryintheham says:

    i love the one that's your fav! you could get a fountain like you had at your other house for the garden.

  6. Terry says:

    I think most garages should just disappear. Vines all over is a good start. We painted ours black-green. It's there but hard to see. The infinite line of stark white garages on the property line of every other house on the street? Not so good.

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