My new Pretty Old House



Recognize this one from the Wednesday Bungalows?

Yep, it’s my newest Pretty Old House—this is the one I plan to live in for a nice long time. I know I can see you rolling your eyes, but I mean it this time.

These pictures are from before we moved in—the house had been staged by the previous owners using their furniture and accessories.


This house has so much on my “must have” list,

First; the house is old—built about 1920 and it still has tons of original features—some good and some not so good.

Next, there’s the front porch.  It stretches all the way across the house.  It has granite bases supporting tapered columns.  The ceiling isn’t “Haunt Blue” at least not yet.


The rooms are huge and there are 10 foot ceilings.  I measured the ceiling height when we looked at the house originally so I know.


This fireplace is NOT original nor does it have any charm, but at least it’s there and it has gas logs.


The dining room has a looong window seat along one wall—love that.  It also has wall paper from the mid 1980’s—it’s almost old enough to qualify as “vintage”.  Yuck.


The “lovely” light fixtures are also from the mid ‘80s.  More on them later.


There’s one arm on this chandelier that’s really crooked—it was easy to fix.


Something else I like is the original bungalow layout.  There are three bedrooms that run along the east side in a row.  The first is used as an office, the next is the guest room with a door opening to the office and a second door opening into this hall area.  You can see this bedroom through the door under the doorbell.  The funky shadows are from the light fixture.


The master is on the back, I like that, and has an addition that holds the master bath and walk-in closet—a true luxury on an old house.  There’s another closet, too– see the door below.  The two bedrooms, yes it has only two real bedrooms, have carpet covering PINE floors—probably not heart pine, but old pine never the less.


Does this bathroom take you back to the Reagan years? Leave a comment if it does.  Check out that huge over-sized jetted tub. They were all the rage in the nice houses.  Back then we thought they was sooo elegant.  And what about the shiny gold fixtures?  When we moved into our house in 1992, I loved all that brass.  And then there’s that window—could be worse I guess.  The wallpaper reminds me of some I put up back in the ‘80s.

Time to move on—design wise. This décor was not on my “must have” list but the space is gravy.


Something I’ve discovered: black sinks look dirty. They show every soap bubble and water spot.  DO NOT install black sinks.

I actually like the vanities—they’re big.  Nothing like coming out of a tiny rental house with a 25 inch sink that you share with somebody else to make you appreciate a big vanity you have all to yourself.

Did you notice the tile?  Can you say “design conflict?” Nothing much in this bathroom goes with anything else—makes it all the easier to rip it out and start over.


The kitchen…

It has one, and it’s on the back of the house overlooking the yard…but it has no cabinets to speak of.

This is John, our inspector, preparing his report and trying to ignore me.

The previous owners had the wallpaper painted and the white tile countertops replaced with granite—big improvement and nice choice.  They also replaced the appliances. New appliances are nice. Check out the rail over the cabinets—1985 for sure.


The laundry is behind the double doors with their shiny brass and glass knobs.  I like having it in the kitchen—other options in old houses include a laundry in the basement or in a tiny closet in the hall.


Now…the good part—the flat yard.  Definitely on my “must have” list.


I love the deck and the planting beds and the size of this yard.  We have used the groovy hot tub.   Believe me it was wonderful the night after we moved.


That big tree is a post oak and yes it’s leaning and a real problem—more on it later.


So there it is folks, my dream bungalow.  1920’s with a big front porch, high ceilings, original doors and floors and plaster walls and a walk-out back yard on a fantastic street in Virginia Highland a short walk from the restaurants.


Let me know what you think.  I know I’ve been slow with info, but it’s been crazy around here.


Check out the window over the porch.  Love it.




BTW: this is my 200th post–that’s supposed to be a  milestone.  Whooo Hoooo!

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3 Responses to My new Pretty Old House

  1. Irene says:

    Can’t wait to see the Reagan-era bathroom go bye-bye, and what you’ll be doing with it!
    I just visited Austin TX and walked through a neighborhood of well-kept bungalows and thought, “No wonder Patti likes these.” Each one is better and better.
    Good luck and please give tips for painting porch ceiling.

  2. I can see why you want to stay there. I’m a backyard freak, too. A bad back yard is a deal breaker to me. I love this floor plan. Love the porch, the window seat, and definitely that front window. I smiled all the way through viewing these pics. Thanks for the tour. Enjoy that groovy hot tub.

  3. So much potential in that house!!!…I know you could work magic with it!!

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