New Orleans Garden District Favorite


Here it is! My favorite house in the Garden District.  There are a lot of wonderful fantastic houses to choose from, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t see them all,  but this was the best.


I have no idea who owns this house or even what the address is—we’d abandoned the walking tour by this time and were just walking up and down the streets trying to cover as much territory as possible.



If you get my postcard you might see this beauty again.

I hope nobody was home since I was practically hanging on the gate taking pictures. And it was such a gorgeous gate.




The style and details are breathtaking—and the color combination is so modern and fresh.  Note the light sagey green shutters and blue porch ceilings. Ummm  Ummm Ummmmmm.


I’m including all the pictures—even the sorta duplicates.  It’s just sooo pretty.  And the palms!


This is the west wing with a double portico and tall windows over looking the garden.


This garden is fenced—classic New Orleans wrought iron with room to stick one’s hand and camera through to take pictures between the hedges.


By this time I was so overcome I got bold.  There’s an awesome metal fish statue in the corner behind that darn bush that I couldn’t get.  So, I settled for the row of iron urns with huge ferns—look carefully to the left.




This is the driveway with an arbor over the sidewalk.


Hope you like it.






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3 Responses to New Orleans Garden District Favorite

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  3. Pixie says:

    This house is owned by John Goodman and his wife. She owns a boutique in New Orleans and he purchased the home while filming Treme.
    The previous owner of this home was Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame. When he owned the home it was much creepier on the outside; painted in blacks and smokey grays and purples.

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