Painted Fireplace Surround: My New Pretty Old House


Sometimes one particular thing makes me crazy.


In this case it was the PINK marble fireplace surround.


Such an easy fix: taping off the area took twice as long as rolling the paint on.

This is Sherwin Williams “Urbane Bronze” porch and concrete paint left over from the porch at Dunwoody Street.  I cut in the edges with my trusty angled brush and then rolled the larger areas with a small foam roller I use to paint furniture.  The foam roller helped avoid brush strokes and gave coverage in two easy coats.

We were talking about re-tiling…probably won’t now, at least not for a long time.




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3 Responses to Painted Fireplace Surround: My New Pretty Old House

  1. Terry says:

    I saw this on a open house. Je regrette.

  2. marymaru says:

    And that would be SCONCES, not scones. I should know better than to try and type prior to copious amounts of morning caffeine.

  3. mary says:

    This looks GREAT. What a clever idea! I’m digging those scones as well.

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