Painted Wood Ceilings

Well, the Serial Renovator, my lovely daughter, has this thing about bead board ceilings.  I don’t mean the bead board you buy in 4X8 panels at Home Depot—I mean the real kind that you install one board at a time—on the ceiling.

Some of you might remember this kitchen from my Breaking Down a Great Kitchen post.  Love it!!!  The ceiling is tongue in groove pine—installed one board at a time then primed and painted.

I like so many things about this kitchen

Does installing a wood ceiling sound like something that would give you a crick in the neck. Yes, I think so, too.  In fact I have first hand knowledge of that crick producing activity. I watched the installation of said board ceiling over the weekend.

It’s pine tongue in groove with a bevel on the edges to give that “look.”


Cut random lengths to avoid a pattern where the boards meet.  Nailed to the ceiling joists with a snazzy new nail gun.


The boards were cut on an angle so the ends meet cleanly. Note the snazzy mitre saw—The Serial Renovator’s Christmas present from her mother.  Some little girls want jewelry—mine wants power tools.


I think the ceiling looks fabulous!


Here’s a little wood ceiling Eye Candy Inspiration from Pinterest:

Charming. Love the wood-clad walls, ceilings and floors Southern Living



More painted pine (wood) ceilings


kitchen in the porch TONS of Windows

What do you think of tongue in groove wood ceilings?




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6 Responses to Painted Wood Ceilings

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  2. Barbara says:

    Wow. I’m impressed with your daughter’s dedication to authenticity. And willingness to work hard. That ceiling is special. Be proud of her.

  3. pattihinkle says:

    They’ll paint it white…really pay someone else to paint it white.

  4. Terry Kearns says:

    Ours is “pickled,” do folks still pickle?

  5. Terry Kearns says:

    Terrific and never will a nail-pop show. Paint it white or…?

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