The Next Pretty Old House Flip



We closed yesterday on our latest Pretty Old House project.  Some people do crafts, we do houses—not that I don’t enjoy crafts, I just make more money on houses.  It’s a solid brick 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in Kirkwood, an up and coming neighborhood in Atlanta.


It’s going to kill me to take out the overgrown azaleas but they look awful when they aren’t blooming.


This house belonged to an estate. Thank goodness they cleaned it out before trying to sell.

A neighbor took this picture during the “big clean.”

Nice, huh?image

Our dumpster is on the way and the work is about to begin.  Stay tuned for more adventure.




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4 Responses to The Next Pretty Old House Flip

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  4. What an adventure. I know you will make it beautiful.

    You could cut those azaleas way back, and they will be revived, but maybe not in time for showings. You could plant some smaller shrubs in front of them meanwhile, and end up with a deeper border as your foundation plantings.

    I’ve flipped a couple of old houses that had mature shrubs in front. If you get someone in there with a backhoe, he can dig a hole somewhere else on the property, and relocate those shrubs in a couple of minutes. Azaleas have shallow root systems, so they transplant fairly easily.

    We’ll be looking forward to updates. Congrats!

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