The Ugly Stage

We’re at The Ugly Stage.

Carport Construction

We’re having a carport built but this is NOT our carport!! This one is from Structures in Birmingham. Ours won’t look exactly like this but it’s close.

Our old garage—you know the one I loved so much (this should be read with the utmost sarcasm)-

1177 Reeder Circle3

has been torn down…


…and replaced by a humungous pile of Georgia Red Clay.


In fact we have 3 humungous piles of Georgia Red Clay in our backyard.


And we have some lovely footings with excellently constructed rebar supports sitting in many inches of rain water.


You see, since the demo and digging it started to rain. It has rained, and rained, and rained.

Today some nice men came out with a pump and a generator and pumped the water out of the footings… They just now cranked up their truck and left, taking the pump with them… in the rain.


So now my dream carport (it used to be a Dream Garage, but I downsized) is about a week behind schedule—not that there is a schedule; just a vague desire to finish in this lifetime.

THIS is how my new carport will look. It’ll be open on 3 sides with a solid back wall so the neighbors won’t have to look at our cars and it’ll have a 7 foot high storage area underneath it for yard tools and gardening stuff.  I’m very excited about that part.


Maybe it’ll stop raining tomorrow.




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2 Responses to The Ugly Stage

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  2. Terry Kearns says:

    I thought they were building a new runway in the backyard. This is better, carports are better down here.

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