Tons of Kitchen Windows

One thing I really liked about our latest flip was the bank of windows it had in the old enclosed back porch/mudroom.  Those windows were big and had hinges at the top so the windows could swing in and be hooked to the ceiling by hooks like the ones on old screened doors.  So…we discussed and debated and decided to reuse those neat old windows.

Kitchen windows


As I looked around on Pinterest I found TONS of other fabulous kitchens with TONS of windows.

3North--Cary Street

Open and Neutral Casual dining


Kitchen traditional kitchen


This one is our sort of inspiration for the back wall that’ll have the range and hood.  There’ll be windows flanking it and a white subway tile back splash running to the ceiling.

Mrs Howard - Butcher Block counters

Mrs Howard

That kitchen will have a “feel” similar to this one–not as big and not as upscale.  The lighting won’t be so busy as this either.  What do you think of all these light fixtures?



All windows

Pinterest Unknown Source

One teeny tiny thing we’re dealing with is the lack of upper cabinets.  We’ve planned for a dish cabinet with glass doors but that’s about it.  What do you think?  How important ARE upper cabinets?  Is the trade-off worth all the windows?

I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave a REPLY below.




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8 Responses to Tons of Kitchen Windows

  1. Kathy McCann says:

    We have one wall with all windows and no upper cabinets. Since the sink and dishwasher are on that wall, we have a nice island that houses all the daily dishes and silverware. It is convenient not only to the sink and dishwasher but to the kitchen table as well. It takes a little bending over but so far our backs haven’t given out. Our fridge is on the other side of the island which breaks up the triangle but is still next to the table so we’re happy with it. We love all of our windows! We live in the Pacific Northwest so we have lots of rain and gloomy days – too many – so we need as much light as we can get in the house.

  2. Loved them – all of them, just gorgeous!!

  3. mary says:

    that’s a tough call.  however as much as i LOVE all the windows, i can’t do without upper cabinets.  

  4. It looks like you are getting votes for as many windows as possible. I agree. It would make the kitchen brighter and up-to-the-minute. Is there room somewhere for a small pantry? That could make up for the lack of cabinets on the sink wall. A pantry would have old fashioned charm and keep a ton of stuff accessible. I’ve heard it said that builders like a kitchen pantry because it is cheaper to build than cabinets, square foot for square foot of storage space.     

  5. Bonnie Wall says:

    I think the windows are much more important than upper cabinets…not even close.

  6. Courtney says:

    I love kitchens with lots of windows.  My current kitchen doesn’t have anything like that.  With the storage and organization options in kitchens these days, I think it’s totally possible to do away with uppers.  Beautiful inspiration photos!

  7. Terry Kearns says:

    That’s what Norman Askins said in he recent kitchen talk: nothing ruins kitchens like kitchen cabinets, particularly uppers. We do get some mighty sticky splashes on our sink window.

  8. Jeanchaney1 says:

    Hello Patti,
    I would definitely keep the windows. I love them!!! The light would be great.

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