14 New honorary members

At the annual general meeting of the ats kulmbach, chairwoman of the board heidesuse wagner was unanimously confirmed as head of sports. Also remaining in office are the chief financial officer, michael deichsel, the chief administrative officer, ralf-herbert kneitz, and the deputy chief sports officer, peter fraas.

Auditors remain klaus dieter sahrmann and gunter prague.

Currently, the ATS has 1520 members – and the trend is upward. In the current year there have already been 84 new members. Heidesuse wagner regretted that many young people join and leave the club within a year. This makes a lot of extra work for the administration.

The chairwoman of the board briefly described the individual departments. "The boxing event at the 'fritz' was again a super event. We have won all the fights", she said and thanked the coaches willy kastner, sibylle marks and alex and eddi maier.

Heidesuse wagner also had positive things to report about the basketball team, which continues to be on course for success. "The home games are the purest thrillers." The fan base is huge. "Perhaps you also look past once", she said to the members.

With uwe seehuber, the ATS gymnasts have a new department head. "Thank you very much, dear uwe, you saved the department", according to wagner. Seehuber is counting on the new generation and thus on an upswing in the department. A new dance group is also to be formed in this way.

The volleyball players have also made a good choice with katharina plank, according to wagner. The swimmers are represented at all renowned competitions – and successfully at that. The organization of the triathlon will be taken over by kilian deichsel with a new concept. The latter was pleased to be able to pass on his own enthusiasm for the sport.

Wagner thanked all the volunteers: "there is excellent work being done in all departments. We are all addressed when the students really come to our city." She gave special thanks to detlef freitag and his helpers in the sports clubhouse, who also took care of the catering at the annual general meeting.

With berthold hanna, michael deichsel, adolf dornhofer, lothar eyber, rudi fortwangler, heinz herrmannsdorfer, gisela irrgang, franz jungbauer, dorothea korzendorfer, otto meisel, michael pfitzner, erika roder, peter wack and thomas zapf, the ATS kulmbach appointed 14 new honorary members. They have all been members of the ATS for 50 years.

In his financial report, michael deichsel was pleased with a "black zero" in the annual financial statement 2018. After the discontinuation of a long-term loan, more money could be used for sports activities in the future.

Another message from deichsel met with applause: "in about six years, the club can be debt-free." 

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