60-Year-old house to be tested for pollutants

For this, the hallerndorf municipal administration asked several companies to submit a bid, but received only one reply.

Werner fischer (WG hallerndorf) wanted to know if there were any contaminated sites in the building or on the plot of land. The risk was low, confirmed mayor torsten gunselmann (G). At the time of the building’s construction around 60 years ago, the proportion of pollutants was significantly lower, he said. "This is a stone house with a wooden floor", sebastian schwarzmann (WG trailsdorf) knew that the barn, too, consisted mainly of wooden beams, boards and roof tiles.

Gunselmann assured the council members that before the contract was awarded, a thorough check would be carried out to determine whether any pollutants were present before the council representatives unanimously awarded the contract to the company riegelein from weisendorf. This had to do with around 35.000 euro the only offer submitted.

Village renewal pautzfeld

For the village renewal pautzfeld the executive committee of the participant community must be newly elected. In it must be a representative of the municipality, without this must be elected. In the last election period the mayor torsten gunselmann and the second mayor sebastian schwarzmann held this office and were also nominated for the coming election period as members of the board of the participant community pautzfeld.

The councillors had so many questions and comments about the agreement on the use of the pautzfeld community center that the discussion and vote on it was postponed to the next meeting of the council. The electrical work in the community center pautzfeld is almost finished, there are still some small things missing and among them some wall and ceiling lights. The contract in the amount of 3122 euro was unanimously awarded to the electrical workshop kolb, which had submitted the most favorable offer for this purpose.

Hermann seebauer retires

At the request of gerhard bauer (WG hallerndorf), all remaining items on the agenda were postponed and the long-serving head of the office, hermann seebauer, was given his retirement.

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