A birthday iceberg

A birthday iceberg

The forderkreis hallenbad iphofen celebrated its 25th anniversary this weekend. Birthday. It would have been a futile effort to look for the members at the birthday celebration in an inn. They were naturally on site with their swimmers in the indoor pool and offered a water sports program on saturday and sunday.

After the opening by the forderkreis chairwoman ruth holfelder, the first rough sports event of the day, the iphofen club relay swimming championship 2012, was announced. 13 groups got ready for the four times 25 meter freestyle relay swim. Moderator hilar burkard announced the course divisions and the starters took their stopwatches in hand.

In the next 90 minutes the spectators at the poolside got to see exciting competitions. There was no lack of cheers for the various groups. The age of the swimmers ranged between eleven and fifty years. At the end of the club championship, the team of the iphofen stucht was in the lead.

The "stuchterer" with richard schober, johannes schober, stefan dorr, georg keysers and petra muhlbauer could for their victory with a time under one minute the trophy "25 years forderverein hallenbad e. V."Receive from the hand of mayor josef mend. TSV iphofen came in second, followed by the second youth team st. Veit.

In her review of the association, ruth holfelder, chairwoman of the association, thanked the honorary chairman walter trager for his many years of service to the association. She also honored ernst seufert for his 25 years of service as a writer. A thank you for the birthday boy also came from mayor josef mend.

Another highlight was the official "ascent" of the iceberg: a floating game machine purchased by the forderverein for the indoor swimming pool.

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