Administrative community of elfershausen-fuchsstadt elected leadership

The two communities, which have hitherto formed a functioning and harmonious unit, intend to continue to do so in the future. Still-chairman peter hart introduced the meeting in the town hall with the election of the community chairman, in order to be able to resign from office afterwards himself. The mayor of elfershausen, johannes krumm, and his colleague from fuchsstadt, rene gerner, stood for election. The player with the most votes was the one elected.

The market town of elfershausen sends its town hall chief and three councilors to the VG, while fuchsstadt sends its mayor and two councilors. In a secret ballot, executive director elmar schubert and chamberlain andreas mutzel determined the result, which was five votes to two in favor of gerner, who accepted the election. Hart congratulated and said in his personal closing words: "what made our VG strong was unity. Also take part in the excursions. You can get to know each other and get information there."

As in the past, the members voted for only one deputy chairman. Johannes krumm received six votes, one ballot was invalid. It was decided unanimously that the previous rules of procedure would continue to apply for the time being. The compensation for the honorary activity also passed without objections. The meeting allowance remains at 25 euros, the monthly lump sum for the community chairmen amounts to 267.95 euros and is an all-in package.

Two members from each town make up the audit committee. These are jurgen englert and angelika kohlhepp for elfershausen and willibald kippes and oliver lukaschewitsch for fuchsstadt. Committee chairman is jurgen englert.

Finally, the council appointed its registrars with a limited remit. The market decided in its constituent meeting to entrust the three mayors johannes krumm, christine neeb-wittmann and volker partsch with this task. Fuchsstadt did the same in its meeting and elected mayor rene gerner and his deputies, dirk volz and mario hugo, as registrars of deeds. This was also accepted by the VG-meeting without any objections.

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