Adolf lieb confirmed in office

Adolf lieb confirmed in office

The SPD seniors in the bad kissingen district association met for the annual meeting of the 60 plus working group to elect the new executive committee. Adolf lieb (oberbach) continued to be trusted as chairman, his deputy is rosalinde heider (bad kissingen). Secretary and press officer is dieter britz (munnerstadt). His deputy ewald kiesel (haard). The following are acting as assessors: heidi andriessens, isolde topperwien, cala schlembach (all bad kissingen), hildegard kab (kleinbrach), eugen schmitt (grobwenkheim), gunter theinert (mabbach), bodo sengstock and peter schindler (wildflecken).
Chairman adolf lieb buried mdl kathi petersen (schweinfurt), SPD candidate for the state parliament norbert schaub, deputy district administrator alfred schrenk and peter dlugosch from the SPD subdistrict 60 plus rhon-habberge.
Lieb first reported on the activities of the last few months and presented the other dates that had been fixed. Planned for 5. July a tour with burgvogt eddi klug in konigsberg, on 20. July a visit to the theater in mabbach, on 8. September, participation in the SPD-unterfrankentreffen 60 in karlstadt, on 12. October a federweiber afternoon in ramsthal and an end of the year pre christmas party in munnerstadt. The SPD seniors will also meet in october for an informational talk with coburg’s mayor norbert tessmer and on 8. November with mayor matthias klement in mabbach.

Kathi petersen as guest

Mdl kathi petersen reported on her activities in the bavarian state parliament and deplored the proposals of the SPD parliamentary group on the supplementary budget, which were rejected by the CSU majority. The order of minister-president markus soder, who misused the cross with his decision for CSU election campaign purposes, triggered a fierce discussion. The cross stands for faith, hope and love, according to the participants, whose values must be recognizable in dealing with war refugees. Norbert schaub (westheim), candidate for the bavarian state parliament, introduced himself to the members and explained his goals. "Instead of lowering health insurance premiums, more benefits should benefit the insured", demanded schaub.
At the end of the meeting, participants thanked long-serving chairman adolf lieb with applause for his committed and prudent leadership of the SPD 60 plus working group.

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