Art has many faces in the kronach district

art has many faces in the kronach district

Funny mythical creatures like the kronich house cow meet sandstone figures, dolls contemplate colorful or black-and-white pictures from their window seat – the hobby artists of the kronach art association (KKV) are again showing their work. A colorful mix of styles and techniques is represented – from classical painting and photography to sculpture in wood, stone and ceramics.

The annual exhibition is, according to the chairman of the KKV, karol hurec, by far the most visited exhibition of the association in the course of the year and has always met with great interest. He thanked karin elsel and willi karl in particular for the organization and set-up of the services. Every year hurec is positively surprised by the variety and the level of the submitted works. "The exhibited works are not the work of geniuses, but of women and men from our midst", he said. They did not aspire to be celebrities in the arts. Unfortunately, nowadays the name and image of the artist are the decisive criteria on the art market and not the product itself. This trend is not supported by the jury, which decided on the selection of the exhibited works.

Sandstone plays an important role

Fortunately, sandstone is a big topic in the kronach area, thanks to heinrich schreiber in particular, hurec emphasized. "We have many more three-dimensional works than in other exhibitions", the chairman was pleased.

Two examples are gottfried grau from grossau and brigitte buhler from marktrodach. Both are regular guests of the sandstone academy of heinrich schreiber. "Sculpting in the frankenwald was also a reason why i returned to my homeland", explained grau, who lived in stuttgart for 34 years.

Art with a wink

His meaningful work of art "man and donkey" caused a smile, which he created from red sandstone and painted afterwards. This includes a sign with the inscription",i human', said the donkey, when he had made a mistake". But also in the handling with wood the grossauer is very skilled. Two of his works made of this material can be seen: the sculpture made of lime wood, also in the background, with the inscription "everything in life has at least two sides" and "snake dance from root wood. "First of all you need an idea, an impulse. Then comes the work at home in my workshop", he explains.

Brigitte buhler, who is also a sculptor, is also creative in many different ways. Your rough sandstone angel is a real eye-catcher. "I started it at the sandstone academy and finished it at home. I have a preference for rough stones, although they are very heavy. There have already several people to drag on it. But the effect is quite different from that of smaller stones", she tells.

Machines are taboo

Sculpture is pure handwork for her. Her only machine is a grinder for the chisels, emphasizes the artist. While in summer she works on stones in the open air, in winter she paints.
This year's exhibition of the artistic work of KKV members is refreshingly new, despite all the tradition. The club's officials made sure of this with their "little hand for the arrangement of the exhibits. The presentation in kronach is almost like a work of art in itself. Thematically arranged, but with a lot of space for own fantasies, perceptions and feelings the show presents itself. So the viewer always discovers something new on his tour.

To the "animal" no one can get past the fabulous creature without a smile. Colorful paintings provide welcome splashes of color in the gray season, intellectual themes as well as artworks with political messages stimulate reflection.

Our county is lucky to have so many talented hobby artists who bring personality and heart to their works and show their very own artistic perception of our world. The same is true for the kronacher kunstverein, which has taken up the challenge of such artists and gives them the opportunity to present themselves to the public. In addition, there are always exciting new discoveries – like this year's 13-year-old niclas elsel, who created a fish out of pumice stone.

Musical setting

The exhibition opening was musically framed by two students of the kronach vocational school for music, julian une wisse and janina seifert. This year, the KKV kronach initiated a total of six exhibitions in its gallery, two in the former kronach synagogue and, together with the lions club kronach, a shop window campaign with works by four kronach artists in the upper town.

Until 14. December the show can be seen from thursday to sunday, from 3 to 6 pm, as well as at the events in the kreiskulturraum. The art gallery is located at siechenangerstrabe 13, on the second floor of the kreiskulturraum. The entrance is free.

The exhibitors are: kathrin bauer, wolfgang bohm, eva maria brunner, brigitte buhler, bernd dittmann, karin elsel, niclas elsel, manfred fobel, wilhelm franzen, gottfried grau, maria hausmann, karol hurec, krystyna hurec-diaczyszyn, ulrich koditz, ursula lauterbach, barbara mann, eva quast, anne schlick, carmen schnitzer, vera schnitzer, karin schontag, peter schoppel, elke schulner, kerstin sperschneider, lisa stohr and renate zeub.

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