“Avengers: endgame” most successful film of all time

The superhero movie "avengers: endgame" is the world’s most successful film in cinema history since the weekend.

It now stands at 2.7902 billion dollars (2.484 billion euros) worldwide, according to preliminary figures from industry website box office mojo, beating avatar’s old best of 2.7897 billion dollars. However, these figures for the science fiction epic, which was released ten years ago, have not been adjusted for inflation or rising cinema ticket prices.

The record remains in the same company, because "avengers" is part of the marvel comic universe, which has belonged to disney since 2009. Only in march disney had then also bought for 71.3 billion dollars fox, whose studio 20th century fox also owned the rights to "avatar". Disney thus owns, among other things, the rights to the marvel and star wars films, to pixar’s animated films and to individual hits such as "titanic. The group owns the rights to seven of the ten most commercially successful films in history, writes "variety.

In north america, "avengers: endgame" remains only the second most successful film of all time, with around $855 million, behind "star wars: the awakening of the force" and just under $937 million. All in all, the 23 films in the marvel universe have grossed around 8.5 billion dollars in the USA and canada, while the 19 star wars films have taken in just under 4.6 billion dollars.

If you extrapolate historical data to today’s price levels, "gone with the wind," first published in 1939, is still the top seller in the U.S. And canada. The 200 million dollars collected there at the time and during some of the reruns was equivalent to 1.8 billion dollars at today’s prices, according to the box office mojo.

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