Bending trees demolished cars

"The main task was to clear trees from the roads", press spokesman thomas birkner summed up the situation. ERH 33 and ST 2243 in the erlanger oberland were particularly affected. Here, trees fell in rows and blocked the roadways. A tree on a transformer house in schwabachtal caused a two-hour power outage in the weiher district during the night. Another tree that fell into the schwabach was removed with the rope winch of the heroldsberger rustwagen, because there was a danger of water pressure in the area of the minderleinsmuhle.

Tree blocked highway 3

For a short time, a tree blocked part of the directional lane of highway 3 near the hochstadt-ost junction in the direction of suden. Forces from the hochstadt/aisch fire department again ensured smooth traffic flow here.

72 people, mainly children and young people, escaped with a fright on saturday evening at the midsummer bonfire at the baiersdorf quarry pond. They were evacuated by the fire brigades from baiersdorf and hagenau and brought to baiersdorf. Here, BRK helpers provided care with. Already in the afternoon the F baiersdorf was on duty at a traffic accident on the ERH 5. A car driver had hit a scooter rider and seriously injured him on the high side of the canal bridge.

Loose bricks and false alarms

In addition to the removal of trees on roads had to be sporadically, such as z. B. In eschenau or in saltendorf, by the storm loosened roof tiles are secured. In addition, flooded roadways were secured. The fire alarm systems triggered by lightning strikes, such as z. B. In the castle atzelsberg, which then proved to be false alarms, love the fire departments also do not come to rest.

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