Bike path church and bike filling station in koslau

Bike path church and bike filling station in koslau

The protestant congregation has opened a bicycle path church in the small konigsberg district of koslau. It should be a place of peace, devotion, contemplation and reflection.

To the 1. May the small church st. Burkard in koslau joins the rough group of bicycle path churches in germany. Since that day, the sign "radwegkirche – unsere kirche ist offen – treten sie ein" has been hanging next to the entrance gate.

But it is not only auben that has changed. Inside, a table with devotional cards by martin luther and dietrich bonhoeffer has been set up in the entrance area, and a candle stand designed by helmut wolf-schmidt has been placed at the altar area, where visitors can light a candle in the face of the cross. Additional prayer cards are also available for this purpose.

The radweg church was dedicated in a church service with pastor peter hohlweg. In his speech he wished that the church be a sermon of stones to the glory of the resting god. Together with the churchgoers, he lit the first candles at the new candle stand.
On the initiative of thilo walter, the chairman of the local environmental protection association, a bicycle filling station was also set up in the bus shelter. There, cyclists and hikers can quench their thirst at a vending machine and rest on benches for the onward march or journey. If a bicycle should lack air, an air pressure gun is ready to help.

The official opening of the bicycle filling station was carried out by mayor erich stubenrauch (), who thanked thilo walter and his comrades-in-arms for the fact that koslau has integrated this facility into the racecourse and in this way promotes tourism.

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