Brewers’ association honors forchheim’s “walk of beer

Brewers' association honors forchheim's

The bavarian brewers' association and the bavarian hotel and guesthouse association (BHG) presented the award at the 10. The "golden beer idea 2019" for the bavarian beer queen in munich awarded. One of the three honorees is the city of forchheim with its "walk of beer".

Together with beer sommelier markus raupach, burgermeister franz streit (CSU), the forchheim beer queen miriam I. And the logo designer frank schneider accepted the award from nico cieslar, idea giver and head of the tourist information forchheim. Mayor franz streit has been committed to forchheim's beer culture for many years, for example when he created the office of the forchheim beer queen as a marketing tool in 2005.

The award recognizes individuals or initiatives that have made a special contribution to the presentation of bavarian beer specialties. The president of the bavarian brewers association, georg schneider, together with the president of the bavarian brewers association, angela inselkammer, presented the awards to the prize winners.

In addition to forchheim, "bavarian-caps-gmbh was awarded for the cap series "bavaria our beers and the tucher brewery for the object and concept "tucher – altes sudhaus" awarded. In his laudatory speech, president georg schneider emphasized the great commitment of the honorees to preserving and passing on living bavarian beer culture. This is the basis of the myth of bavarian beer, which also addresses the "special position and credibility of our product to the target group of young adults and thus carries it into the future".

In particular, he thanked the award winners and all those who applied for the award for their enthusiasm and wealth of ideas in the projects submitted for the benefit of the entire bavarian brewing industry.

In the laudation for the forchheimers, lothar ebbertz of the bavarian brewers association said: "the four breweries and this kellerwald with its 23 managed beer cellars, these are the stars of forchheim. While on the walk of fame in los angeles the stars embedded in the ground are reminiscent of the greats of the american entertainment industry, the brass plaques on the walk of beer in forchheim are dedicated to these beer cultural gems."

2018 the historical theme route was launched. It not only marks special beer-cultural locations – currently five, with an extension already in the pipeline – but also offers immediate access to further information on the breweries and the kellerwald through integrated QR codes.

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