Bruckenbauer in the center of europe

Bruckenbauer in the center of europe

Numerous congratulators from the worlds of business, politics and administration paid their respects: the central educational and meeting center "der heiligenhof celebrated their 60th win on monday. Birthday. During an extensive ceremony lasting several hours, the speakers were not sparing in their praise for the institution. Bavaria's secretary of state for social affairs, markus sackmann (CSU), called the house "a bridge builder in the center of europe".
Sackmann said, 60 years of "heiligenhof six decades of education, meeting and cohesion of the sudeten germans. They also spend their time working for freedom, the rule of law and dialogue with eastern neighbors, as well as for the unification of europe.
The house has special significance for the sudeten germans: many had found shelter and security here after their expulsion. It is an important link between germany and the societies of eastern and southeastern europe. Since 1952, the city has been sending out a message: a united europe is the best answer to any kind of nationalism and totalitarianism.

Culture, history, home

European parliamentarian bernd posselt (CSU) is not only the spokesman for the sudetendeutsche volksgruppe, but also an intimate connoisseur of the "heiligenhof". The "heiligenhof family owe "an infinite amount" to the house – he, for example, joked posselt "a considerable part of my pounds".
Four concepts characterized the meeting place: culture, history, home and europe. Culture is the foundation of the community, not a luxury or an ornament. The view of history should not be turned backwards. It should be truthfully documented and help to avoid repeating past mistakes. The sudeten germans had come to the "heiligenhof also an intensive relationship, because it was the first property that the ethnic group was able to acquire after the expulsion. Europe, however, is "the most valuable thing we own." Furthermore, it is the "heiligenhof" that is to be celebrated the next and the next generation of sudeten germans, said posselt.

Hospitality and tolerance

Mayor kay blankenburg (SPD) said that many of his peers were not doing as well as the "heiligenhof". Bad kissingen is proud of this ornament. The house has always moved with the times without neglecting its principles. It will remain on the high. He was very grateful, said the mayor, that over the decades the site has been able to record well over a million overnight stays.
District administrator thomas bold (CSU) said the district is also proud of the "heiligenhof". The idea of europe was made tangible here, guests from all over europe were accommodated and experienced hospitality and tolerance. The anniversary should be a reminder of the need for commitment to peace in the world.
The "heiligenhof" belongs to the sudeten german social and educational organization (SSBW). Gunter reichert, is the chairman of the SSBW foundation. He outlined the development of the house since 1952 and spoke of a real success story.
Peter michael huber, judge at the federal constitutional court and former minister of justice, addressed the issue of freedom needing courage in his keynote speech. The speech was based on his lecture about the resistance group "weibe rose".

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