Mistendorf on the advance

DJK-SC mistendorf, in third place in the table, narrowly missed out on a place in the promotion relegation round for the district league. DJK SG stadelhofen, on the other hand, had to worry about staying in the league until the very end. After five completed games so far in the new season, both teams have only four payouts on the account. For mistendorf, this balance does not at all meet expectations.

Daniel loch is the successor of the trainer duo manuel schrufer and christian bergmann at platzherren. The 33-year-old played for the district league team SV merkendorf last season and took up his first position as player-coach in mistendorf. With the maxim "we want to be at the top" the coach, who lives in lohndorf, took up his work. However, the former district league team is far from achieving this goal. But the season is still in the early stages.

Wallenfels equalizes points account

Wallenfels equalizes points account

In the tischtenniskreis are in the 1. District league the TS kronach II men's team moved level with SV hummendorf at the top with a resounding victory at TTC au II. Today, tuesday, the two championship contenders will meet directly in kronach, starting at 8 p.M.


1. Kreisliga: after two recent defeats, TTC wallenfels has managed its third win of the season (9:4 against friesen), so that it has balanced its account and has established itself in the midfield. SV friesen digested this second defeat quite quickly, because only one day later, thanks to all six decisive sets won, they held down TTC brauersdorf 9:5. TTC au II did not stand a chance against TS kronach II (0:9).
2. Kreisliga: the TTC alexanderhutte II lost a point against the SV hummendorf II (8:8), which was not necessarily expected. The TTC even had to fear for this one player, because the last team was 8:6 ahead in the final phase. The same applies to TSV steinberg, who could not get beyond an 8:8 against TV marienroth.
ATSV reichenbach continued its winning streak against ebersdorf (9:5). Already for the second time the SV nurn did not bring a lead in dry tucher. This time they were 7:4 in front in langenau, before all following pairings were lost. Particularly annoying was that the final double after a 2:0 lead in the fifth set was lost by a hair's breadth with 9:11.
3. Kreisliga west: SV rothenkirchen II lived up to its role as favorite at TSV windheim IV (9:3). ASV kleintettau was beaten by TSV stockheim II (1:9), which continues to be one of the leading quartets in close proximity to each other. TSV teuschnitz III also belongs to this group of four (9:3 against reichenbach II). In a neighborly duel between two previously winless teams, TSV teuschnitz IV fell short against marienroth II (3:9).
3. Kreisliga ost: already the eighth match was played by FC wacker haig and they won the eighth match (9:2 against steinberg II). Abblitzen loved the TS kronach III in a city derby the TVE gehulz (9:1). SG neuses II had its first success against SV weibenbrunn (9:4).
4. Kreisliga: with a 9:3 in the derby at TTC au IV, the SG neuses III moved up to the second place. Reichenbach III celebrated the second victory against SC rennsteig steinbach (9:4). Again windheim V went empty-handed (3:9 against kleintettau II).
4. Kreisliga (4er): with a close 8:6 at SC hablach II, FC wacker haig III drew level with SV fischbach III. Brauersdorf II lost to top-ranked alexanderhutte III (0:8).

Bending trees demolished cars

"The main task was to clear trees from the roads", press spokesman thomas birkner summed up the situation. ERH 33 and ST 2243 in the erlanger oberland were particularly affected. Here, trees fell in rows and blocked the roadways. A tree on a transformer house in schwabachtal caused a two-hour power outage in the weiher district during the night. Another tree that fell into the schwabach was removed with the rope winch of the heroldsberger rustwagen, because there was a danger of water pressure in the area of the minderleinsmuhle.

Tree blocked highway 3

Genieben in the most beautiful sulzfeld in germany

"We have been awarded the gold medal, we are one of the 100 places of enjoyment in bavaria, we have the meterbratwurst and one of the oldest strabenweinfeste in franken," said sulzfeld’s mayor gerhard schenkel at the opening reception to mark the 50th anniversary of the "stucht". Jubilee wine festival. He quoted a colleague who had dubbed the wine village "the most beautiful sulzfeld in germany. After a champagne at the upper maintor the gate opened and with weinglockle-sound the guests of honor moved in and walked to the kuckucksnest-tower. Kurt hepperlin, a journalist born in hammelburg, once lived there. Half a century ago, he encouraged the people of sulzfeld to open their doors and sell their wine his daughter petra thamm told us something about the life of her father, who was a true artist in his own right. "With wine festivals like the one in sulzfeld, our county can shine," praised county administrator tamara bischof. Carmen luckert, who was in charge of the event, described to the guests of honor the reasons for the new conception by the wine festival society. Framed by the landsknechts nick dittrich and jonas hermann, wine princess annika von brunn buried the honorary guests and had many other wine majesties at her side. For the wine festival finale on monday funk agreement plays. Photo: hartmut hess

Sascha link continues to lead the shepherd’s house association

Sascha link continues to lead the shepherd's house association

42 members attended the annual general meeting of the "dorfgemeinschaft hirtenhaus ailsbach" association came to the shepherd’s house.
Chairman sascha link reported on the activities of the association: the rama-dama clean-up action with easter fountain decorations, midsummer bonfire, soccer tournament, village festival, nesting box vacation care, kerwa, stammtische, dammerschoppen, women’s, men’s and pensioners’ regulars’ tables. Eight board meetings were held, during which, in addition to the events, the new version of the statutes, a new logo and an update of the membership list were implemented.

Active youth representation

Treasurer joachim schneider reported on the current financial situation. The club’s assets amount to 20,181 euros at the end of the year. Rough expenditures were beer table sets, heater and a tree for the war memorial. The annual profit of 3620 euro resulted predominantly from the kerwa and the stammtischen and/or. Dammerschoppen and many private events. Andreas neudecker and udo benes had made the checkout. There were no complaints.
In the report of the youth representation, it was recalled that lea gromhaus and marvin albrecht were elected in march 2017 as the new youth representatives. Waffles were baked for the midsummer bonfire and ice cream was sold at the village festival. The youngsters also took part in the vacation program by building nesting boxes.
In the 2017 business year, a new version of the association’s statutes was drawn up. The writer nicole albrecht read out the new proposal in front of the audience, which was finally accepted by the members.
For the coming year the association plans, according to the words of sascha link, paving behind the shepherd’s house and at the grillhutten, a singing evening with vitus kramer, rama-dama, trip into the blue – this year on 28. April, solstice bonfire, a fubball tournament on fronleichnam, village festival at the hirtenhaus, participation in the vacation program with nest box building and kerwa.

Sulzfeld wins first derby match

Sulzfeld wins first derby match

Joachim hupp is driven this season by another intention than to achieve a placement in the secure midfield of the table with the FG marktbreit/martinsheim and perhaps even to finish the round in fifth place in the district league. The midfielder, driving force and sporting director of the club has set his sights on defeating his former club, TSV sulzfeld, for the first time in a regular-season match. On wednesday evening, the 28-year-old had the opportunity to realize his plan. But in the end the sulzfelders prevailed again. They won 2-1 in marktbreit in front of an impressive crowd of almost 400 spectators.

"I don't think it's so tragic," said hupp after the final whistle, which sealed marktbreit's first defeat of the season. "We finally have nine points and are five points better than the rest of the team."Hupp left sulzfeld in 2008 in the national league to return to his hometown club as a player-coach and to voluntarily relegate four divisions. For this he had been laughed at time and again. Meanwhile, both teams meet in the same league. "I had two really good years in sulzfeld," as hupp states. During the game on wednesday, sulzfeld spectators repeatedly made hamish comments against hupp – when he had committed a foul, had been laid off himself or was looking for a discussion with the referee. "Taunts leave me cold," said hupp.

New city councilor sworn in in konigsberg

New city councilor sworn in in Konigsberg

The SPD faction in the konigsberg city council now consists of three women (eva rugheimer, gabriele blank-henk, anita koch-eckert) and one man (eddi klug). Which prompted one city council member to remark that the SPD had even exceeded its women's quota.

The new appointments also mean a change in the composition of the administration and environment and construction committees. Koch-eckert takes over gabriel blank-henk's seat on the administration committee. Blank-henk moves to vacant seat on environment and building committee.

Top teams against relegation candidates & hope for europe

Top teams against relegation candidates & hope for europe

Borussia dortmund can move ahead in the championship race as bayern don’t play until sunday. Hannover 96 seems to be a more than feasible task for the top team. Many other teams are attacking the upper third of the table.

Top team against relegation candidate I: table-topping borussia dortmund receives second-to-last hannover 96 (saturday, 15.30 hrs/sky). At the table leaders, captain marco reus is expected to be ready for action again after he had to miss the return round opener in leipzig at short notice: "he has trained the whole week. He’s doing well," said BVB coach lucien favre. The coach in hannover could no longer heiben after a defeat andre breitenreiter. Club boss martin kind and manager horst heldt held an open discussion about a suitable successor. "I’m disappointed that they didn’t talk to me. I wanted people to talk openly about it," breitenreiter said before the game.

Nba: nowitzki loses again ? Schroder also without a win

Nba: nowitzki loses again ? Schroder also without a win

Nowitzki scored ten points and grabbed nine rebounds in dallas’ second straight home loss. Top scorer for the mavericks was harrison barnes with 24 points. Maxi kleber did not play. George hill was the most successful scorer for the guests from the californian capital with 21 points. Already on wednesday, dallas lost the season opener against the atlanta hawks around national player dennis schroder.

German young star couldn’t prevent his team’s first defeat despite a strong offensive performance. The atlanta hawks lost on the road against the charlotte hornets with 91-109 (56-49). The 24-year-old point guard was atlanta’s most successful point scorer with 25 points. In addition, the native of braunschweig recorded five assists and three rebounds. Top scorer of the game was charlottes kemba walker with 26 payers. With frank kaminsky (21 points) and dwight howard (20 points) the hornets had three players who scored 20 or more points in the end. 31-year-old howard also grabbed 15 rebounds.

After olympia-exit: deb-team wants to show defiant reaction

after olympia-exit: deb-team wants to show defiant reaction

"We want to show the world our true face," said cortina before the departure for the first world championship preparation games against belarus on friday in minsk and saturday in soligorsk. The italian-canadian is convinced that his players have the necessary attitude for the tests. "The moment they put on the german jersey, they’ll do everything they can to forget about that substitution," the 48-year-old said.

For the trip to russia, the national coach has called five newcomers. Goalkeeper andreas jenike, defensemen peter lindlbauer (both thomas sabo ice tigers) and patrick seifert (augsburg panthers) as well as attackers bernhard keil and rene rothke (both straubing tigers) could hope for their debut in the DEB-team. Many regulars not available due to ongoing playoffs.