City council zeil repositions

City council zeil repositions

Six new members of the city council were sworn in by mayor thomas stadelmann at the constituent meeting on monday in rudolf winkler house. Every faction represented in the city council now has two new faces at the council table. For the CSU these are stefan bottcher and josh mahr. The non-partisan party list (uzl) has dr. Tino hartwig and petra hohenberger new in their ranks, while the SPD welcomes susanne bos-naumann and anja jager as newcomers.

The distribution of power is fairly balanced.

The proportion of women, however, has fallen from 30 to 25 percent compared to the previous period. In the next six years, the CSU will have eight town councils, the uzl and the SPD six each, with mayor stadelmann also belonging to the SPD. In addition, there will be at least one new local speaker, since werner schneider will no longer be a candidate in sechsthal. The elections of the local representatives will take place as soon as possible, if the corona restrictions allow it again.

Marcus frohlich (CSU) as second mayor and peter pfaff (uzl) as third mayor were elected by the 20 city council members present and entitled to vote. Frohlich received 16 yes votes. Pfaff achieved a similar result with 15 votes in favor. The parliamentary groups appointed dieter kopf (CSU), michael minnich (uzl) and christine straub (SPD) as their group chairmen.

Treats for everyone

Susanne bos-naumann and anja jager added a personal touch to the meeting. Lovingly prepared, all colleagues had two plates of finger food and a sublime dessert standing at the table. The inauguration of the two new women in the city parliament was intended as a small compensation for the missing dinner, which usually took place after the constituent meeting.

Stadelmann thanked all 60 applicants who had declared their willingness to run for the office of city council in the march election: "in today's world, it is no longer a matter of course to make your free time available for the common good and to deal with the questions and also the criticism of the people."

With the oath, the new city council members expressed their commitment to fulfilling their duties in compliance with the law. "However, this oath also means that each individual carries out his or her activities according to his or her own free convictions, determined only by consideration for the public good, and is not bound by orders, feelings or party programs", stadelmann made clear. This will certainly not always be easy, because it is not possible to please everyone and wishes are often not feasible.

"Ultimately, however, the focus should always be on what benefits our city, our fellow citizens and moves us forward. Courage to make decisions will sometimes be of note, especially when not every detail can be discussed and weighed up", says stadelmann.

Personally, the mayor wished for cross-factional cooperation over the next six years, as he had experienced in the past ten years: "it should always be about the matter and our city and not about party-political interests. However, discussions and differing opinions are expressly desired."

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