Election campaign in the state parliament – sharp attacks from the opposition

Election campaign in the state parliament - sharp attacks from the opposition

Two and a half months before the state parliamentary elections, the campaigning has already begun in bavaria's parliament. During a current affairs session in the state parliament on tuesday, a row broke out before the debate even began.

It was enough that state parliament vice president reinhold bocklet (CSU) read out the topic of the topical hour requested by the SPD: "the final phase of the failed: the bavarian cabinet between patronage, smut and overstrain." The CSU faction acknowledged this with loud whistles.

SPD caucus leader markus rinderspacher criticized the government bank as a "battered ramshackle dump and the cabinet members as "unprincipled airheads": "seldom before in the history of bavaria has there been a government that is so battered, damaged and tattered as the seehofer government is staggering towards the end."

The CSU deputies reacted to rinderspacher's speech partly with laughter, partly with annoyance. "I am appalled by the style and manner of the language", CSU parliamentary group leader christa stewens complained. "It is their sole aim to defame."

But grunen faction leader margarete bause added: "what kind of bank is this, this government bank??" "A bad bank", the grunen environmental expert christian magerl shouted horbar loudly in between – even some cabinet members on the government bench laughed. "Seehofer's bank has become a scandal bank, an ailing crisis bank", bause continued.

The free voters accused the CSU of always arrogantly ignoring sensible ideas from the opposition: "opposition proposals have been declared nonsense for too long", criticized -chief hubert aiwanger. As examples, he cited the CSU's decades-long adherence to nuclear power until the nuclear accident in fukushima and the longstanding no to the abolition of tuition fees until the successful referendum against it.
FDP faction leader thomas hacker then mocked the SPD: "their colleagues are confusing politics with cabaret." Minister-president horst seehofer (CSU) did not take the floor in the plenum, but afterwards told journalists about the SPD speeches: "pathetic".

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