For the pure pleasure of sport and play

For the pure pleasure of sport and play

"We want to counter the declining (membership) numbers in the departments with increased advertising, keep the sports house and sports facilities in good condition, build the urgently needed training field and maintain orderly finances", explains chairman sven schuller the current situation of the association.

Kuhn dynasty

The anniversary is also an occasion to look back on the history of the club. On 3. June 1912 eleven young men, namely wilhelm kuhn (later mayor for many years), josef keb, karl krug, andreas kuhn, bruno kuhn, emil kuhn, hermann kuhn, max kuhn, georg noth, isidor werner and martin werner founded the TSV and appointed wilhelm kuhn from the kuhn dynasty as their chairman. With his comrades, he organized a gymnastics show on the day of the foundation in order to inspire the youth for this sport. Successes such as those in bad kissingen and poppenhausen soon followed. Since there was no equipment of its own, the young team practiced at TSV poppenhausen, the sponsoring club of TSV oerlenbach.
During the first world war a few young people kept the club alive. At the 1921 gymnastics festival, 22 active gymnasts thrilled the audience with their routines. Soon, fistball and soccer were added as further sports. At the tenth anniversary of the founding of the club, the first club flag was consecrated. Already at that time the tsvler played theater, in order to be able to finance the flag.

David against goliath

In the following time the TSV developed to a stronghold in fistball. TSV won several lower franconian championships and even the north bavarian championship in 1926, to the astonishment of the city clubs of nurnberg, wurzburg and schweinfurt. At a tournament in aschaffenburg in 1927, the TSV from the small village of 300 souls met the german champion "licht und luft" in the final frankfurt and lost after a dramatic course of events with 24:27.
Fubball was clearly overshadowed by fistball, even if one or the other trophy could be taken home at tournaments in the surrounding area. In the 20's, as a sign of its responsibility for the village, the TSV created the aspen lake as a water reservoir for fire protection.
But the next decades became difficult: the number of members decreased, from 1939 to 1946 there were no entries in the minute book. On 1. July 1946 the TSV started anew with the building of a football field at the ramsthaler strabe.
The official re-foundation of the TSV followed on the 8th of december. September 1946, initiated by josef zimmermann, the leader of the fubball team at that time. For the 1946/47 round, TSV registered a fubball team and continued to play fistball and gymnastics.
But the fubball now jerked more strongly into the foreground. 1947/48 the team was promoted to the district class 1.
Towards the end of the 60s, the chapter of TSV fistball came to an end. In this phase the TSV was faced with a new feat: the old sports field was needed by the company hegler, a new playing field with a sports house could be inaugurated in july 1971.
In the following decades, TSV experienced an upswing and steadily expanded its range of mass sports. This included z.B. Women's gymnastics, table tennis, basketball and volleyball, hiking, the skiing department, mother-child gymnastics and triathlon. The basketball girls won many titles with their "mastermaker peter iberl. At the same time, the number of members rose from 434 in 1984 to 800 in 1993 and 900 in 2002. But since then the numbers have gone down again. Currently 750 members.

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