Gardeners look back on an active year

In addition to the traditional erection of the swing arch at christmas, members of the diebacher verein fur gartenbau und heimatpflege put up the new easter crown on herbert-eberlein-square for the first time in 2017 and decorated it with hundreds of self-painted eggs. A highlight of 2017 was the 25th anniversary celebration in august on the schafferswiese. An exhibition of historical farm equipment, the beautiful weather and the delicious food attracted many visitors. In october the grimm family made their barn cellar available for a wine tasting with catering. The association again participated in the advent market and carnival parade with the catering. The theater trip to meiningen, organized by gisela grimm, is also popular.
The second mayor reimar gluckler as well as the chairman of the association fritz gensler thanked the associations in their speeches for their work.
The maintenance pruning of urban fruit trees in diebach in march 2018 was well received by helpers. The planned rama dama had to be postponed for two weeks due to snowfall.
Steffen scharpf and marcel muller participated in a gardening course and will hold an information meeting on this subject at the end of april. Members can order discounted tickets for the state garden show in wurzburg from steffen scherpf.

Work assignments

Fritz gensler pointed out the work still planned on the former community freezing plant. The original character of the building should be preserved. Wednesday mornings further work is planned. Further helpers are always welcome. The association wants to plant insect-friendly perennials in various public areas in diebach. However, the entertainment costs for these events should be kept as low as possible.
Reimar gluckler suggested leasing fallow land as flower meadows for small animals and insects in cooperation with the city of hammelburg. He assured his support for the project.

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