Genieben in the most beautiful sulzfeld in germany

"We have been awarded the gold medal, we are one of the 100 places of enjoyment in bavaria, we have the meterbratwurst and one of the oldest strabenweinfeste in franken," said sulzfeld’s mayor gerhard schenkel at the opening reception to mark the 50th anniversary of the "stucht". Jubilee wine festival. He quoted a colleague who had dubbed the wine village "the most beautiful sulzfeld in germany. After a champagne at the upper maintor the gate opened and with weinglockle-sound the guests of honor moved in and walked to the kuckucksnest-tower. Kurt hepperlin, a journalist born in hammelburg, once lived there. Half a century ago, he encouraged the people of sulzfeld to open their doors and sell their wine his daughter petra thamm told us something about the life of her father, who was a true artist in his own right. "With wine festivals like the one in sulzfeld, our county can shine," praised county administrator tamara bischof. Carmen luckert, who was in charge of the event, described to the guests of honor the reasons for the new conception by the wine festival society. Framed by the landsknechts nick dittrich and jonas hermann, wine princess annika von brunn buried the honorary guests and had many other wine majesties at her side. For the wine festival finale on monday funk agreement plays. Photo: hartmut hess

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