Harsdorfer festplatz preservation of four winter lime trees

Harsdorfer Festplatz preservation of four winter lime trees

While the planned redesign of the cemetery was unanimously approved with a view to the state decision, a compromise was reached on the festival square. This was decided against the votes of second mayor manfred zapf (CSU) and the councillors helmut hofmann (CSU) and thomas bohner () with a rough majority: there will now be four coarse-crowned trees planted in a row, with a plant spacing of six meters.
In addition, the municipal council on tuesday evening dealt with subsequent entries in the contracts awarded for energy renovation and barrier-free access to the community center "zur tanne". Mayor gunther hubner (CSU) pointed out that around 450000 euros had been spent so far on the project. Just under 40,000 euros are still to be awarded for other trades. Additional costs are incurred for sanitary and ventilation, roofing and carpentry work, and heating.
The following were approved: sanitary/ventilation: schwender haustechnik, thurnau, 9216 euro; roofing and carpentry: lauterbach carpentry, sandreuth/harsdorf, 10 252 euro; heating: hopf KG, bayreuth, 202 euro. With the renouncement of a second fire protection window with the WC plants approximately 7000 euro are saved.
The protective railings for the balcony and the ramp to the elevator were awarded. Ten companies were invited to submit bids, but only metallbau schmidt, harsdorf, submitted an offer. The costs amount to 6310 euro and are only slightly above the cost estimate of the architekturburo just, bindlach.

Costs "formally exploded

The intended awards for the revitalization of the former brewery have been postponed. As architect berthold just reported, the submission of the master builder and roofing/carpentry work has resulted in significant cost increases over the cost estimate. While the cost increase for the roofing and carpentry work was only around 7,000 euros, the costs for the master builder work have formally exploded: at around 123,000 euros, they are around 80 percent higher than the original cost estimate.
Mayor hubner announced a discussion with the office for rural development in bamberg, which demands the acceptance from funds of the village renewal. An awarding of this work was announced for the meeting on 7 november. November announced. Hubner: "i hope it goes well!"
From the youngest meeting of the ILE "franconian margraviate and bishop’s land" the mayor reported that the newly hired allianz manager will introduce herself at one of the next meetings of the municipal council. The municipality of harsdorf has submitted several applications to the ILE for the renovation of core and recreational paths, as well as a further application for flood protection in the "altenreuther tal". But harsdorf does not want to lead the way here, but – as the mayor announced – stands back: "this is a matter for the communities that are struggling with the current flood damage."

Flat-area broadband

Further reports followed from the most recent meeting of the VG trebgast community assembly and from a local meeting on DSL expansion. Head of administration karin winkler explained that the engineering firm reuther net-consulting, bad staffelstein, is drawing up a master plan for all the communities in the trebgast district, which will provide flat-area broadband coverage of at least 30 mbit.
Mayor gunther hubner explained: "we have to make sure that we have a good infrastructure in place. But what worries me about the upcoming digitalization is the lack of security."
Announcement of the order from the office for regional development of upper franconia for the simple village renewal of harsdorf. As burgermeister hubner informed, the demand area concerns the old village center of harsdorf, without the new building areas. What is needed here is the elimination of inner-city vacancies in the non-public sector through village-friendly conversions, additions and extensions, as well as the village-friendly preservation, conversion and design of residential, commercial and ancillary buildings; this includes demolition, disposal and unsealing, as well as village-friendly replacement buildings for design adaptation or inner-city development. The maximum penalty rate is 30 percent, with a maximum of 30,000 euros for each team. In the case of buildings of particular value in terms of local planning, cultural history or monument preservation, a maximum of 60 percent, but no more than 60,000 euros, was granted per property.
From the closed session of 27. September, mayor hubner reported that the water supply for ramsenthal and harsdorf had been the central issue here. However, a clear line has not yet emerged: "we have not yet found a patent solution!"

Costs for water supply

The only thing that is clear is that the water permit for the deep well has expired and that costs of around half a million euros must be expected for a secure water supply. At the burgers’ meeting on 17. November hubner wants to give first information and especially explain the problems.
The municipality of harsdorf will support the publication of further local history books by dieter eichner, as mayor hubner announced. The continuation of the local chronicle from 1998 to the present and the book "stories of a french community".
Local councillor stefan holzheu (SPD) suggested thinking about the culture of welcome in order to encourage newcomers to the community of harsdorf to join in.

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