Is allegedly in possession of 11.000 syrian blankets

Is allegedly in possession of 11.000 syrian blankets

The terrorist militia islamic state (IS) is said to have inherited a good 11.000 blank passports in syria. This is according to reports from the federal ministry of the interior, reports the "bild am sonntag".

The report states with regard to the federal criminal police office: "according to BKA information, (…) total 11.100 syrian blank passports with the following serial numbers in the hands of the IS".

The security authorities are searching for the suspects in part because of the risk that IS could infiltrate fighters into germany in this way.

Meanwhile, at least 23 people were killed in an airstrike by the U.S.-led military coalition on an IS terrorist militia prison in syria, according to human rights activists.

The attack was carried out saturday in the eastern syrian town of al-bu kamal on the border with iraq, the syrian observatory for human rights reported sunday. Among the victims are 18 prisoners – including ten iraqis – and five jihadist fighters. The U.S.-led alliance did not initially comment on the matter.

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