Jubilees bring 380 years of experience

Jubilees bring 380 years of experience

Honors for long-serving employees were the focus of the christmas party at the leikeim brewery. Brewery boss andreas leikeim was pleased that many former employees had also found their way to this celebration, as this demonstrates the community spirit in the company. It is more than praiseworthy to have a team that is always exemplary in its commitment to the company. 380 years of experience are brought by the company's long-serving employees, as he pointed out. It is good to be able to fall back on them. This had preserved itself in a not always easy year. Leikeim expressed the hope that the deserving employees will continue to stand by the brewery. Success will only be visible where many people work together. This team spirit leads to satisfied customers.

The head of the company was very satisfied with the training and further education provided in the past year. Laura herold finished her training as industrial clerk at the top of her class. He was also very pleased that natalie jaye was the first woman to successfully pass her examinations as a brewer and maltster in the company. Christian fischer had passed his master's examination. Developments in brewing were then demonstrated by the brewery's trainees. Anna gerth, lukas gick and justin burger were elected to the "apprentice brew" joined forces and brewed a dark bock beer especially for the christmas party. This tasted all preferentially.

The following employees were honored: for 15 years lutz weiser, rudiger ott and martin vonbrunn; for 20 years angela kraus, matthias jahnel, rudolf muller, helmut degen, reinhold konrad, horst stadelmann, wieland kraus, detlef topfer and alexander purucker; for 25 years hans hummer and roger rutherford; for 30 years erhard funk, for 35 years ulrich leikeim and for 40 years helmut kerling.

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