Kicking and singing in one club

kicking and singing in one club

DJK celebrated its jubilee and many guests joined the celebration. Manuel schneider, deputy chairman, had taken over the funeral at the festive evening on the occasion of the 50th anniversary. In addition to the anniversary celebration, this ceremony was especially marked by the presentation of the silver diamond of the bavarian football association and numerous honors for deserving and long-standing foundation members.

Schneider was pleased that some guests of honor, above all district administrator thomas bold, BLSV district chairman reiner werner, BFV district chairman reiner lochmuller and BFV district honorary office representative klaus eisenmann, accepted the invitation. For mayor helmut blank, the sports officer of the city of munnerstadt georg heymann stepped into the breach.
The moderation through the evening was in the capable hands of helmut appel, who instead of the speech, conducted an interview with ludwig schmoger and the three past first chairmen reinhard schneider, edith appel and peter kloffel, and in the process reviewed the history and milestones of the DJK over five decades.

Even though the founding of a soccer club in seubrigshausen came relatively late, the sport of soccer had long been a popular pastime for young men. In the 30s and 40s, the soccer enthusiasts of the village kicked on a rough meadow on the broad way, a good kilometer away from the village. Later there was then a fubballplatz below the geishugel in immediate proximity of the village.
In the 1950s, this field was the scene of rough inner-city soccer matches, especially in the summer, usually on sundays. A closed hedge served as a dressing room. After some players already kicked away, the desire arose in seubrigshausen for a new association. In a relaxed round of talks in the leinach inn in spring 1967, it was some players who expressed this wish. Above all hubert heusinger, the real father of the DJK seubrigshausen. On the 7. July 1967 finally took place in the inn of gustav saal the foundation meeting.
In addition to the sporting events of the 50 years, the construction of the sports hall with gymnasium and the construction of the new grass playing field are outstanding achievements that required a lot of personal and financial effort. The year 1990 also began with start-up difficulties when no successor was found for the first chairman, richard schader. In the second attempt, a woman was elected to the leadership for the first time with edith appel. Their young management team consisted of four women and four men, certainly a remarkable constellation for a soccer club at that time. In addition to football, a "women's gymnastics group" was founded in 1979 and in 1981 the girls' group "DJK-hasen launched from the baptism. A special feature for sports clubs in seubrigshausen was the founding of a DJK manner singing group in 1984, which also took part in the festive evening.

A great honor on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the association. The presentation of the silver diamond was held on the occasion of the. The honorary commissioner of the fubballkreis rhon, klaus eisenmann, together with the BFV district chairman reiner lochmuller, presented this special award. "The DJK seubrigshausen has set many exclamation marks in the last 50 years" , said eisenmann in and referred in his laudation in poem form to the gross commitment of the members. Club culture is also roughly written. The work of the young leadership of the club was also the reason for the award of the "silver rhombus" seal of approval. The club can thus visibly demonstrate to the outside world that it meets the high social and sporting demands of our time in terms of management, organization, social commitment and its wide range of offers and activities. The fact that the fubballers had to enter into a merger with FC grobwenkheim did not change anything.

Words of honor and associations
District administrator thomas bold enjoyed the presentation of the chronicle in the form of an interview with the chairmen, who all had something to say about their time in office. "When contemporary witnesses tell their stories, it becomes clear that it was a difficult time to found a club." The district administrator also wished the jubilee club better times than they are at present and handed over a gift of money. "Despite the small lull, there is an enthusiasm here that I would like to take with me", so bold. Sports officer georg heymann echoed the same sentiments, thanking the club for its achievements on behalf of the city, and reiner werner from the bad kissingen district of the BLSV, in his last act in this function, congratulated the club for its great commitment in guiding a club through sometimes difficult times over the past five decades. " Sport teaches a lot for mind and soul". Werner thanked for the construction and the leadership of the club and presented a cash prize and a certificate of honor. BFV district chairman reiner lochmuller conveyed the pit from the fubball federation and took the opportunity to say thank you to the jubilee club for the good cooperation. "You could be proud of the many volunteers and honorary employees in the club", says lochmuller.

For 50 years of membership, and thus being there from the beginning, the second chairman manuel schneider and helmut appel honored the following founding members with a certificate and an honorary pin:
helmut appel, werner balling (foundation board), hubert heusinger, erich klinke, franz kloffel, josef reichert, rudi reichert, arnold schmitt, hermann schmoger, ludwig schmoger, erich schneider, fridolin schneider, gunter schneider, konrad schneider, manfred schneider, reinhard schneider, rudi schneider, wolfram schneider and erwin weigand.

A special honor was bestowed on ludwig schmoger, "mister DJK" in the club named for extraordinary commitment and exemplary dedication. The club presented him with a special gift.

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