Lauter-uberleitung: preservation passed!

On 23. December was the day: for the first time the advantages of the loudspeaker overpass came to bear during a flood. This was reported by mayor hermann buhling (CSU) at the meeting of the town council. "The heavy rainfall had otherwise certainly caused problems due to flooding. The affair did not go off without a hitch", the head of the municipality was convinced.
The excessive lauterwasser had then spread below beuerfeld, he drew the positive balance of the first opening of the stollen in oberlauter.
From the previous closed session, buhling reported on the awarding of the contract for the preparation of the environmental report on the municipal area to the strunz office in bamberg and the awarding of the contract for the construction of a staircase in the "kunterbunt" kindergarten.
In the "froschengraben" construction area all the seats are now completely taken, as kammerer horst engelhardt reported. This shows that building sites in lautertal are in demand for young families and that the community is obviously very attractive in terms of infrastructure. We are now looking forward to the development of the other available building areas, where beautiful building plots can be offered.
There was the approval and the municipal agreement of building applications and preliminary building requests: new construction of a single-family house with two parking spaces by lena krappmann and sebastian muller as well as the erection of two storage tents by the carpentry oliver rottger. The construction of a residential building by carina and martin weingardt continues to be processed in the approval exemption procedure. Mayor hermann buhling used the public meeting of the town council to honor a number of deserving blood donors.
He made clear the rough importance of blood donations in the service for the next, presented the honorary certificates of the bavarian red cross and presente of the community.

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