Loyal club members honored

Loyal club members honored

Honoring long-serving members was the focus of the annual meeting of the schneckenlohe volunteer fire department. In addition, the board of directors was confirmed in its offices during the new elections, as it says in a press release.

"The club stands and falls with the performance of its executives. Here I must say to the chairman in the name of the municipality my cordial thanks for the good work", declared mayor knut morgenroth. "We also have an active commander who acquires extensive knowledge and passes it on to the active members in training courses and exercises." The work of the firefighters can not be compensated with money.

Knutfest and summer party

In his annual report, chairman stefan hafner talked about the fire department anniversaries and the festivities of the neighboring fire departments. The people have also well accepted the knutfest and the summer festival, which will be continued in the future.

The monthly meetings are indispensable for the good cooperation, said the chairman. He thanked the community and all the helpers who had always been there for all tasks.

Commander ulrich werr was supported by 22 active members in the past year. He reported on five operations, which were all successfully mastered. In addition, they took on several voluntary activities such as security and traffic control.

196 operating hours

According to him, a total of 196 hours of service were required. The commandant and the active members were also challenged by the training service: 21 training sessions with 273 hours were completed by the comrades.

The joint alarm unit with the fire department modlitz has been preserved. Commander werr also mentioned that he had been appointed as an instructor in the area of modular training for troops in the district of kronach.

Certificates for many years of membership in the association were awarded by the chairman and the commandant to karl schalle (50 years); manfred betz, roland hoberich (60 years); hermann friedmann, konrad stubler and gerd wendel (65 years) and to karl schindhelm (70 years). "In the course of a year runs a lot on. The active members face new challenges due to climate change. This is where a well-trained and well-adjusted fire brigade, such as yourselves, is called upon. Take advantage of all opportunities for further education and training", said district fire chief matthias weber.

"Thank you for your help in the community. At a time when more and more people are only thinking of themselves, you are showing that there is another way – namely to support each other", said pastor gerald munzert in his greeting. The new elections were conducted by the election committee with mayor morgenroth, district fire chief weber and pastor munzert. The result: stefan hafner (chairman), wolfram schindler (second chairman), peter hofner (secretary), klaus huhnlein (treasurer), alfred sunkel (treasurer), jurgen geiger (treasurer), ralf engel (shop steward), gerold vogt (assessor), jurgen geiger (assessor) and matthias bittruf (assessor). All were unanimously confirmed in their offices.

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