Luther-jazz and faust’s soul in the contakt

luther-jazz and faust's soul in the contakt

A varied and stimulating program with entertaining music and witty texts awaits visitors to the "cultur im contakt" series also in the new season, the first three evenings will revolve around martin luther and the reformation.
We can be curious about mareike wiening, who will be performing with her jazz ensemble on 8. October texts and melodies of the reformer in an idiosyncratic and intelligent way. The young percussionist and composer from herzogenaurach now lives in new york . Their current luther project combines martin luther with martin luther king in american print. He probably brought luther’s thoughts to america like no other in his fight for justice. There is a lot of music inspired by martin luther king – an avid jazz fan. Mareike wiening belongs to the federal jazz orchestra and tours with her own quintet. In 2014, she released her debut album "crosswalk" in front of.
Further in the program of "cultur im contakt the actor and cellist eric wehrlin will perform at the 17. December his "espresso bible" in an amusing and thought-provoking way in a fast-paced way present. Songwriter and pianist klaus-andre eickhoff will perform on 12. January under the motto "here i stand – i could do otherwise" intelligent songs about martin luther to be heard.
On 25. February 2018 the cultural series will be enriched with a novel event. Coburg church music director peter stenglein will perform friedrich murnau’s silent film "faust" for an extraordinary cinema experience set to music. The result will be shown in february in the coburg moriz church, where peter stenglein will accompany the film on the schuke organ. The proceeds of this benefit event will be used to redesign the devotional area in the moriz church.

All love

Further on the 18. Marz with the sina rien quartet, which will perform a mixture of jazz and world music. On 15. April comes guitarist michael raeder, who, under the motto "all love with own compositions as well as songs and chansons from jacque brel to led zeppelin, from hildegard knef to paolo conte the audience to blackmen and schwelmen bring wants.
The concerts start at 19.30 o’clock in haus contakt, apart from the cinema event in the moriz church. The flyers of the series "culture in contact detailed information on the events is also available at haus contakt, the municipal office of st. Moriz and in the bookstore riemann am markt. Depending on the event, ticket prices range from 10 to 15 euros in advance and 15 to 20 euros at the box office. In addition, there is again the favorable culture subscription for all six concerts at a price of 65 euros and the christmas subscription for the last four evenings at a price of 49 euros, which is intended as a christmas gift.

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