Many dead in syria – assad’s response causes disconcertment

Many dead in syria - assad's response causes disconcertment

UN special envoy kofi annan expressed dissatisfaction on wednesday with the official response from syria to his proposals for ending the bloodshed. Criticism of united syria also rises in russia. German chancellor angela merkel called on the united nations security council to adopt a clear and unified position against the regime of president baschar al-assad.

"What is missing is a clear statement by the un security council," merkel said in berlin on wednesday after talks with tunisian prime minister hamadi jebali. Arab league would like that very much, said merkel. She emphasized that the federal government is holding intensive talks with russia and china, which reject a resolution against the assad regime. The goal, he said, was to "hear a clear word from the world community".

According to activists, 71 people were killed in syria on wednesday, including nine deserted soldiers. Most victims in idlib and homs provinces.

Annan lieb in new york say questions left unanswered. The syrian envoy of the united nations and the arab league met president baschar al-assad over the weekend. Afterward, annan said he had focused on three demands: an immediate end to violence, humanitarian aid and the start of a political dialogue.

For the first time, moscow now also struck a sharper note toward its ally in damascus. Auben minister sergei lavrov accused assad of delaying reforms to end violence. "Unfortunately, by far not all of our advice and by far not always in time is somehow practically reflected in his actions," lavrov said at a speech in parliament in moscow, according to the interfax agency.

Russia is internationally criticized for protecting assad and, as a veto power in the world security council, for preventing tougher action against him. Lavrov rejected military interference in syria. Humanitarian aid and the start of a dialogue between the parties to the conflict without preconditions are necessary.

The opposition free syrian army is reported to have withdrawn from the city of idlib after several days of army attacks. Western militaries say deserters are clearly outgunned by government troops.

A report by amnesty international reveals that torture has been systematically used since the beginning of the mass protests in syria. As the human rights organization writes in a report published wednesday titled "i wanted to die," the abuse has reached a new dimension, reminiscent of the brutality of the regime under hafis al-assad, the father of baschar al-assad, in the 1970s and 1980s .

UN food and agriculture organization (FAO) sounds alarm over massive supply problems in syria. In several areas of the country, it is reportedly becoming increasingly difficult to access food, water and fuel, according to an FAO release published in rome. The world food program (WFP) estimates that about 1.4 million people are currently experiencing food insecurity. Tens of thousands of syrians have also fled to neighboring countries. Both organizations are already providing food to about 100,000 people in the country, FAO said.

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