“Mother thaler” retreats

Over four decades, helene thaler has been grieving in the parish church of st. St. Nicholas to ensure that the services ran smoothly and that the ambience was comfortable. At the sunday service, the 81-year-old sacristan was given a send-off by the members of the parish. Because she had been caring for the altar boys like a mother for many years, parish priest gaston bindele gave her the title of "mother thaler". After 30 years in church administration, peter fuchs was bid farewell.

"Today an era comes to an end", parish council chairwoman louisa thaler addressed the retiring sacristan. In 40 years they have reliably accompanied about 6000 services, the church open and closed, candles rounded, bread, water and wine prepared. Among their tasks were the selection of the liturgical vows, the instruction and reassurance of the altar boys and the timely ringing of the church bells. 40 years of service to the parish could not be expressed sufficiently in words, the parish council chairwoman praised the untiring commitment of the sacristan.

The many churchgoers gave helene thaler a standing ovation for her great achievement in the service of the community. Parish priest gaston bindele presented the prospective retiree with the honorary certificate of the diozese wurzburg, signed by bishop franz jung.

The eulogy for peter fuchs was held by churchwarden wolfgang thaler. He praised his constructive cooperation in many meetings. Energetic he always helped where he was needed. "I have seldom heard you say no", said thaler and presented fuchs with the honorary pin of the diozese wurzburg.

About helene thaler has four children, nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She was born in 1937 in the rhineland. 1958 she married paul thaler from obervolkach. Since then, both have been involved in several voluntary associations in the village, such as the sports club, the local senior citizens’ group and the association for outpatient nursing care.

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