Musical diversity at the spring concert

At the spring concert of the gymnasium steigerwald-landschulheim wiesentheid (LSH) in the fully occupied sports hall, the performers thrilled the audience, which thanked them with exuberant applause for the musical performances. Among the numerous guests of the evening were district administrator tamara bischof, who as well as hans-joachim kramer, director of the singing and music school steigerwald, as well as wolfgang stocker, chairman of the parents’ council at the LSH and cornelius gob, as representative of the sparkasse wiesentheid, did not miss the visit of this concert, according to the school’s announcement.

While the three presenters emilie rehberger, gina wenner and elif yurmaz skilfully guided the audience through the evening, the concert was presented by the 5th grade music class. The first year group (led by gerd semle) opened the concert and inspired the audience with the current song "shotgun". The music class of the 6. The second year group (led by katja rappelt) impressed as the second ukulele ensemble from wiesentheide. Following this, the choir, which is made up of 90 students from the lower, middle and upper grades (directed by franz huber), impressed the audience with several musical performances, including the theme music for the film the pink panther. In the further course of the concert, the students played in various musical formations, sometimes as the ensemble "T(h)riller", a flute ensemble, as the chamber music ensemble (led by michael kutt) and as the project orchestra (led by katja rappelt), which unites students from different grades with their instruments.

But also some soloists, such as.B. Mona voss on klavinova enriched the concert evening. A performance by the sisters marina and melissa together with their cousin carlotta haissig, who played "sapphire sea" with six hands on the klavinova, was a treat for the audience.

After the break, the rock band (led by gerd semle) played green days "boulevard of broken dreams" among other songs, but also "the most little bigband" (led by michael kutt) came into play, animating the audience to sing along with the song "minnie, the moocher". The choir traditionally closed the concert with "what a wonderful world".

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