Musikverein bids farewell to two cornerstones

At the annual general meeting of the friesen music society, good and continuous work was reported. For the federal district music festival 2022 the first work has to be done already this year and a festival committee has to be founded.

As chairwoman yvonne hummel reported, seven children were currently in training. Hummel thanked david schnappauf, who takes care of the children and does additional rehearsal work with them.

Conductor markus schnappauf thanked the musicians for their commitment. He wanted to continue to motivate them with regular performances and effective rehearsals.

Yvonne hummel bid farewell to heinrich geiger and josef wachter, two original members who had remained loyal to the committee of the music society for decades and supported it with their calm and objective manner. Michael saal was also bidden farewell after six years in the management team. Yvonne hummel praised his work as "absolutely reliable" and thanked him for the always good cooperation.

Three-headed leadership team

The new elections under the leadership of ralf wich and norbert kraus resulted in the following: the leadership team consists of yvonne hummel, andreas franz and (new) david schnappauf. Treasurer is christian wachter, secretary is julia ganbler. Andreas fischer, thomas geiger, bernd jakob, katrin kotschenreuther, jonas muller, marco welscher, lukas wich and luisa zipfel work in the committee.

Yvonne hummel gave a short outlook on further musical performances.

Ralf wich thanked on behalf of the volunteer fire department friesen for the good cooperation and at the same time invited the music association to the upcoming district florianstag, which will take place in friesen. This will be performed by the music club at the ocumenical service and afterwards.

Councilwoman marina schmidt thanked the music association on behalf of the city of kronach for its work. In this context, she also mentioned that she would continue to work on the renovation of the old school in friesen.

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