Orchestras impressed with performance

"Music is our strong is a slogan of the north bavarian music association. More than 600 visitors to the "highlights of brass music" concert were able to see for themselves that this was entirely true on the day of german unification in the adam-riese-hall in bad staffelstein convince the audience.

150 participants

More than 150 musicians were able to demonstrate their high musical skills to a large audience in the school orchestra and the youth orchestra of the northern bavarian music association district of upper franconia. Horst sunkel, chairman of the northern bavarian music association (NBMB) lichtenfels, buried numerous guests of honor, among them the vice president of the NBMB, werner porner, and honorary district chairman herbert lorenz.

The essence of music is to give pleasure, and this is what the young musicians did. It was unbelievable how children and young people with the brass music in its very diverse form captivate and inspire themselves and their visitors.

The school orchestra under the direction of armin hafner had already performed "olympic fanfare and theme" a great opening fanfare was chosen, which was composed for the 1996 olympic games by none other than john williams.

A fictional story is "adventure by markus gotz. A hero adventurously rescues the princess. A festive sound beauty tells of the coming of the hero. Threatening daredevils are portrayed by the low instruments (tuba and trombones) of the school orchestra.

"Man of steel in an arrangement by michael worek is the soundtrack to the movies of the screen hero superman. With a successful performance of this film music the 60 actors reached the climax of their performance. They rocked the hall with a tribute to the band that has been around for 50 years "the rolling stones on tour". The greatest hits "paint it black, "ruby tuesday and "I can get no satisfaction pleased the audience. The two trumpeters nik birkner and jakob weiss were able to show off their skills.

Musical finesse on oboe and flutes, breathtaking tempo changes, sound volume – the first work of the youth orchestra had a lot to offer that makes for classy symphonic wind music. With "pilatus – mountain of dragons" steve reineke's sound poetic description of a mountain as a musical piece was on the program. In the description, a daring group of adventurers begins an expedition in the early morning to hunt kites on mount pilatus.

The saxophone and the flute continued with the sound of the air without any instrument, taking the audience with them on this journey. Mudslides, rubbing rivers, threatening dragon hollows were musically realized in the best way by the deep instrumental registers, but also dreamlike landscapes, described by wonderful melodic arcs, love the events to become apparent.

The hollywood fairy tale "the wizard of oz, released in 1939, impressed with then innovative film tricks and a great soundtrack. The orchestra took the audience on a brisk ride through the world of music. Whether it was a relaxed tuba solo by pascal kraus or the chirping of birds, the individual characters and persons of the piece, young dorothy, her dog toto and her three departures – the tin man, the cowardly lowe and the scarecrow – were musically well portrayed.

"At world's end" heibt the third part and also the soundtrack of one of the grossest film adventures in cinema history. Pirate captain jack sparrow is devoured by a giant octopus. But its pirates want to free it again. Soprano emilia hulswitt then sang the opening prologue, which the chorus continues.

Music by hans zimmer

The fantastic music of hans zimmer alternates powerful passages of sound with slow ones, and the joy of playing of the youth orchestra makes the films appear in the mind's eye.

For the final medley "tribute to michael jackson" "heal the world arranger josef hastreiter had composed the songs "don't stop till you get enough", "liberian girl, "heal the world" and "bath in a poppy, but nevertheless very fine orchestration put together.

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