25 Guided tours through the world heritage

As part of its 25. On the occasion of the world heritage jubilee and the nationwide unesco world heritage day, bamberg celebrates a world heritage weekend on saturday and sunday. During saturday, 2. June, a world heritage festival will take place on the maxplatz, on sunday, 3. June, participate in 25 thematic tours and a subsequent bamberger evening. Also included is an english-language tour of the city. Unesco world heritage day should be an occasion to rediscover the old town of bamberg. In order to make this possible also for non-german speaking world heritage fans, the center world heritage bamberg and the museum pedagogical association AGIL have conceived, in addition to 24 other thematic tours, the english-language city tour in cooperation with the migrant and integration advisory board of the city of bamberg.
The program begins on 3. June at 4 p.M. Depending on the tour at 25 different locations:
1. Bamberg health history; meeting point: bruckenapotheke, heinrichsdamm 6
2. Bamberg's bakery trade; meeting point: zinkenworth 10
3. The bamberger baker's craft; meeting point: zinkenworth 10
4. The michaelsberg; meeting point: inner courtyard monastery st. Michael, main portal, michelsberg 10
5. Bamberg's representative squares; meeting point: schonleinsplatz 1
6. Hopfen und malz; meeting point: mittlerer kaulberg, laurenziplatz
7. Bamberg trade history; meeting point: gartner- und hackermuseum, mittelstrabe 34
8. Historic inns; meeting point: deutsches haus/city library, obere konigstrabe 4
9. Bamberg beer cellar culture;
meeting point: brewery heller, oberer stephansberg 27
10. Urban transport routes;
meeting place: schranne 4
11. Bamberg, city of stones;
meeting point: st. Elisabeth, upper sandstrabe 29
12. Bamberg and the tooth of time; meeting point: furstenportal am bamberger dom, domplatz 2
13. On the way in the world heritage (bus tour); meeting point: cafe rondo/promenadenstrabe
14. Water as a source of life (bus tour); meeting point: bruckenstrabe, bus platform L/M
15. Historical inscriptions; meeting place: pfahlplatzchen
16. Bamberg, city of books; meeting point: neue residenz, domplatz 8
17. Art in public space;
meeting point: villa concordia, concordiastrabe 28
18. Saint kunigunde, founder of st. Stephan; meeting point: st. Stephan, stephansplatz 5
19. The domberg and its museums; meeting point: alte hofhaltung, domplatz 7
20. E.T.A. Hoffmann's work in bamberg; meeting point: E.T.A. Hoffmann house, schillerplatz 26
21. Bamberg cathedral; meeting point: marienpforte of bamberg cathedral, domplatz 2
22. Good examples of monument protection; meeting point: schillerplatz 9
23. Knowledge is power; meeting point: st. Martin, jesuitenstrabe 1
24. Jewish life in bamberg; meeting point: willy-lessing-strabe 7a
25. Bamberg, our world heritage (in english); meeting point: geyersworth castle, geyersworthstrabe 1
after the tours the groups will be welcomed with a subholz-aperitif in the brick building. After the burial by the city leaders and the center world heritage bamberg, there will be a delicious french buffet, drinks and a concert by the group "boxgalopp". Heiner gremer will moderate the evening.
Tickets at the price of 25 euro per person (incl. Guided tour, buffet, drinks and music) are available at the bvd-ticketservice. Due to the character limitation, the meeting points for the rides are not always clearly recognizable on the tickets!

Sparkassenstiftung calls for charitable projects

The mayors jurgen schulz, werner knaier, gerhard ackermann as well as BRK-readiness leader christian sturm, fred hahn (ev.- luth. Church community of rudenhausen) and dr. Ulrike von schultzendorff from the cultural community of castell received donations at the sparkassen-beratungscenter kitzingen, the financial institution announces. 4.800 euros from the savings bank foundation for the city and county of kitzingen went to charitable projects in the wiesentheid region. Savings bank regional director heiko darr and consulting center manager cornelius gob handed over a symbolic donation check. The following projects and initiatives are supported: kulturgemeinde castell e.V.Concert series 2018; purchase of flugel; BRK bereitschaft wiesentheid: purchase of reanimation mannequins and training material; markt rudenhausen: restoration of the sandstone coat of arms of the parish garden wall; ev.-luth. Rudenhausen parish: restoration of the canvas painting "the last supper"; abtswind market: playground equipment for the daycare center; wiesentheid market: orchestra concert by franz alfons wolpert; IAS initiative abtswind swimming pool e.V.: renovation of the flow-through pool; ev. Castell deanery youth: purchase of a youth bus for castell deanery; TSV abtswind: loudspeaker system for the main square; abtswind market: signposting of the "love path" hiking trail.

Brewers’ association honors forchheim’s “walk of beer

Brewers' association honors forchheim's

The bavarian brewers' association and the bavarian hotel and guesthouse association (BHG) presented the award at the 10. The "golden beer idea 2019" for the bavarian beer queen in munich awarded. One of the three honorees is the city of forchheim with its "walk of beer".

Together with beer sommelier markus raupach, burgermeister franz streit (CSU), the forchheim beer queen miriam I. And the logo designer frank schneider accepted the award from nico cieslar, idea giver and head of the tourist information forchheim. Mayor franz streit has been committed to forchheim's beer culture for many years, for example when he created the office of the forchheim beer queen as a marketing tool in 2005.

Orchestras impressed with performance

"Music is our strong is a slogan of the north bavarian music association. More than 600 visitors to the "highlights of brass music" concert were able to see for themselves that this was entirely true on the day of german unification in the adam-riese-hall in bad staffelstein convince the audience.

150 participants

More than 150 musicians were able to demonstrate their high musical skills to a large audience in the school orchestra and the youth orchestra of the northern bavarian music association district of upper franconia. Horst sunkel, chairman of the northern bavarian music association (NBMB) lichtenfels, buried numerous guests of honor, among them the vice president of the NBMB, werner porner, and honorary district chairman herbert lorenz.

Strike in israel – also airport affected

Strike in israel - also airport affected

Negotiations between the union umbrella organization histradut and the ministry of finance ended early this morning without a result. The unions are demanding more money and rights for contract workers in the public sector, who on average earn less than their permanent colleagues and have fewer rights.

The government was still trying to avert the strike by providing an additional 200 million shekels (40 million euros). But the dispute has been smoldering for months. Prime minister benjamin netanyahu had appealed to the trade unions the night before to avoid a labor dispute at all costs in the "difficult situation" of the israeli economy. A strike would not solve problems that had been building for decades.

For the pure pleasure of sport and play

For the pure pleasure of sport and play

"We want to counter the declining (membership) numbers in the departments with increased advertising, keep the sports house and sports facilities in good condition, build the urgently needed training field and maintain orderly finances", explains chairman sven schuller the current situation of the association.

Kuhn dynasty

A birthday iceberg

A birthday iceberg

The forderkreis hallenbad iphofen celebrated its 25th anniversary this weekend. Birthday. It would have been a futile effort to look for the members at the birthday celebration in an inn. They were naturally on site with their swimmers in the indoor pool and offered a water sports program on saturday and sunday.

After the opening by the forderkreis chairwoman ruth holfelder, the first rough sports event of the day, the iphofen club relay swimming championship 2012, was announced. 13 groups got ready for the four times 25 meter freestyle relay swim. Moderator hilar burkard announced the course divisions and the starters took their stopwatches in hand.

Bvb hopes for another stellar season – schmelzer on board

Bvb hopes for another stellar season - schmelzer on board

Frustration over the 1:4 loss to hamburg faded at the latest during the breakfast shared by the dortmund team before the start of the charter flight to the first leg of the round of 16 on wednesday. The prospect of joining the illustrious group of the best eight european teams for the first time in 15 years released new energy at borussia. "So far we have shown great performances in europe. We won’t let that be taken away from us," said captain sebastian kehl regardless of all the personnel problems.

At least the concern about freezing cold at the easternmost participant of the competition, which is about 2200 kilometers away, proved to be unfounded. Temperatures were above zero when the team landed in donezk on tuesday. But these unexpectedly pleasant conditions did not deprive the borussians of respect for the sporting task at hand.

Bamberg fishing king 2019 is ferdinand ruderich

Bamberg fishing king 2019 is ferdinand ruderich

A magnificent specimen of a mirror carp with a weight of 15354 grams was hooked by ferdinand ruderich. This fish brought him the royal title.

President alfred gotz buried his anglers at the very well attended event. He thanked all the helpers for the excellent organization of the event. The third mayor of breitengubbach, alexander porst, emphasized in his funeral speech the work of the sportfischerverein bamberg with regard to the environment and the preservation of species. Porst proclaimed the new fishing king and put the fishing chain around him. He also handed over the gold trophy and the corresponding certificate.

The fire department is reorganizing in several areas

The fire department is reorganizing in several areas

According to claudia ehrlinger, commander of the lahmer-pulsdorf fire department, there is an urgent need for action at the fire pond in pulsdorf. Mayor werner thomas wanted to solve this problem at the village renewal meeting, as was heard at the annual general meeting of the fire department.

Commander ehrlinger informed that ten drills took place in the past year. A rough inspection was also carried out, and the hydrants were checked and the complaints forwarded to the municipality.