Twin town hennebont: former mayor le borgne dies

Jean le borgne, former mayor of kronach's twin town hennebont, died on 10. January at the age of 75 after a long illness. As has now been announced by the city administration of kronach, his funeral took place on 15. January in the circle of his family.

A commemoration of the city of hennebont described jean le borgne as a "committed man who was true to his convictions and close to the people". "He was a unifying mayor, who was not dogmatic, with a rough, open mind", hennebont's mayor andre hartereau died.

Election campaign in the state parliament – sharp attacks from the opposition

Election campaign in the state parliament - sharp attacks from the opposition

Two and a half months before the state parliamentary elections, the campaigning has already begun in bavaria's parliament. During a current affairs session in the state parliament on tuesday, a row broke out before the debate even began.

It was enough that state parliament vice president reinhold bocklet (CSU) read out the topic of the topical hour requested by the SPD: "the final phase of the failed: the bavarian cabinet between patronage, smut and overstrain." The CSU faction acknowledged this with loud whistles.

Bike path church and bike filling station in koslau

Bike path church and bike filling station in koslau

The protestant congregation has opened a bicycle path church in the small konigsberg district of koslau. It should be a place of peace, devotion, contemplation and reflection.

To the 1. May the small church st. Burkard in koslau joins the rough group of bicycle path churches in germany. Since that day, the sign "radwegkirche – unsere kirche ist offen – treten sie ein" has been hanging next to the entrance gate.

Demonstration planned against anchor centers in bamberg

Against the controversial anchor centers for asylum seekers will take place on saturday (8. September) demonstrations take place in three bavarian cities. The protest actions in bamberg, augsburg and regensburg were called for by several local alliances together with the bavarian refugee council. According to a press release on wednesday, the organizers demand the closure of these facilities in bavaria.

"The goals of these mass camps are exclusively isolation, exclusion and deportation, participation and integration are not desired", martin jansen becomes chairman of the bamberger initiative "freund statt fremd" (friend instead of stranger) quoted in the press release. According to their own statements, the participating organizations advocate fair asylum procedures instead of deportations, the basic right to asylum instead of isolation, humanity instead of deterrence, and integration instead of exclusion.

Extreme winter in great britain: emergency operation at the sellafield nuclear plant

Extreme winter in Great Britain: emergency operation at the sellafield nuclear plant

Parts of the sellafield nuclear plant have been put into emergency operation due to a severe winter in england. This is a precautionary inspection, and there is no danger to people or the environment around the plant, the operator said. All employees whose presence was not absolutely necessary were sent home on friday. Buros were also affected. In addition to a nuclear reactor that has been shut down in the meantime, sellafield also includes a fuel element plant and a reprocessing facility for spent fuel.

Heavy gusts of wind, snow and rain had caused obstructions in many parts of great britain. In cornwall, a house collapsed in a landslide, a woman was reported missing. More than a thousand schools across the country remained closed. In northern ireland, more than 30.000 homes without electricity. In the northwestern english county of cumbria, too, thousands of people had to live without electricity for hours on end.
The runway at belfast airport had to be closed and deiced several times. There were also problems at leeds airport. In devon, the fire department freed people from their cars, which were stuck due to flooding. The AA car club warned of "conditions like in a witches’ cauldron on parts of the roads, where wind, rain and snow were mixed.

Sports youth paves the way for the future

Sports youth paves the way for the future

The bavarian sports youth (BSJ) represents all young people up to the age of 26 in the city and district of bamberg who are organized in sports clubs. For the bamberg sports district, this means around 34,000 people who are members of 239 sports clubs. The district youth day of the BSJ now took place in the sports home in robdorf am forst.

In the technical part of the evening, friederike straub, the district’s honorary officer, informed about the possibilities of demands in youth work. She is also available for this purpose at any time in her function at the district office of bamberg.

Gardeners look back on an active year

In addition to the traditional erection of the swing arch at christmas, members of the diebacher verein fur gartenbau und heimatpflege put up the new easter crown on herbert-eberlein-square for the first time in 2017 and decorated it with hundreds of self-painted eggs. A highlight of 2017 was the 25th anniversary celebration in august on the schafferswiese. An exhibition of historical farm equipment, the beautiful weather and the delicious food attracted many visitors. In october the grimm family made their barn cellar available for a wine tasting with catering. The association again participated in the advent market and carnival parade with the catering. The theater trip to meiningen, organized by gisela grimm, is also popular.
The second mayor reimar gluckler as well as the chairman of the association fritz gensler thanked the associations in their speeches for their work.
The maintenance pruning of urban fruit trees in diebach in march 2018 was well received by helpers. The planned rama dama had to be postponed for two weeks due to snowfall.
Steffen scharpf and marcel muller participated in a gardening course and will hold an information meeting on this subject at the end of april. Members can order discounted tickets for the state garden show in wurzburg from steffen scherpf.

Work assignments

Fritz gensler pointed out the work still planned on the former community freezing plant. The original character of the building should be preserved. Wednesday mornings further work is planned. Further helpers are always welcome. The association wants to plant insect-friendly perennials in various public areas in diebach. However, the entertainment costs for these events should be kept as low as possible.
Reimar gluckler suggested leasing fallow land as flower meadows for small animals and insects in cooperation with the city of hammelburg. He assured his support for the project.

Adieu karel gott – thousands say goodbye in prague

Adieu karel gott - thousands say goodbye in prague

With the laying out of the coffin in prague began the two-day funeral service for karel gott. The sanger of hits like "fang das licht" and "biene maja" was on 1. October died at the age of 80 after a long illness.

In the coarse hall of the sophienpalais on a moldau island soldiers held honor guard next to the closed coffin on friday. Until the afternoon, more than 23 teams had paraded.000 people pass by to pay their last respects to their idol. The organizers expected the number to increase to about 50 by late evening.000 was allowed to rise.

Subes for the seven winners

Subes for the seven winners

The bamberg short film festival ended on sunday with the always very popular award-winning and audience favorite roles. The night before, seven film teams had already received awards in the various categories. The prize money in bamberg is traditionally accompanied by the golden rider made of chocolate from the hands of sculptor adelbert heil.

The jury – stephan grosse-grollmann, alexandre espigares and brigitte strubel-mattes – named the film "the girl in the snow" the best feature film of the festival from dennis ledergerber. The seven-minute film about a racketeer functions like a classic short story, in that it is carried along by a strong, dark punch line.