Sparkassenstiftung calls for charitable projects

The mayors jurgen schulz, werner knaier, gerhard ackermann as well as BRK-readiness leader christian sturm, fred hahn (ev.- luth. Church community of rudenhausen) and dr. Ulrike von schultzendorff from the cultural community of castell received donations at the sparkassen-beratungscenter kitzingen, the financial institution announces. 4.800 euros from the savings bank foundation for the city and county of kitzingen went to charitable projects in the wiesentheid region. Savings bank regional director heiko darr and consulting center manager cornelius gob handed over a symbolic donation check. The following projects and initiatives are supported: kulturgemeinde castell e.V.Concert series 2018; purchase of flugel; BRK bereitschaft wiesentheid: purchase of reanimation mannequins and training material; markt rudenhausen: restoration of the sandstone coat of arms of the parish garden wall; ev.-luth. Rudenhausen parish: restoration of the canvas painting "the last supper"; abtswind market: playground equipment for the daycare center; wiesentheid market: orchestra concert by franz alfons wolpert; IAS initiative abtswind swimming pool e.V.: renovation of the flow-through pool; ev. Castell deanery youth: purchase of a youth bus for castell deanery; TSV abtswind: loudspeaker system for the main square; abtswind market: signposting of the "love path" hiking trail.

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